Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Children's Swinging Chair

It's kind of a funny thing.. or maybe not so much.

But, not even a couple months ago I remember asking Ty how on earth were we going to get rid of Lexi's tv in her room.. We bought her a little tv back when she was 2.. same age as Zoey! Which is kinda ridiculous.. BUT in our defense Lexi was our horrible sleeper.. I blame that mostly on traveling like crazy people and having no real schedule for her during those years.. BUT anyways, we bought her a tv for her room - which plays only dvd.. so we would always let her fall asleep with a DVD on.. for comfort.. well she has come to rely on that up until last week! She would still 80% of the time wind up in our room up until she started kindergarten.. but that has been our saving grace for the most part of her childhood!

Now that she has gotten older and Zoey has kind of replaced that need for comfort and not having that fear of being all alone.. I have nonchalantly mentioned to her in the past that she could have a vanity in her room if she didn't have that tv.. (bc there is no more room in there) but she never did quite give into the thought... but a couple weeks ago Lexi came up with a pretty random proposal for us.. that she wanted a swing in her room.. Well that swing could only go in one place & that one place happened to be where her TV used to go.. We told her if she could go one whole week to prove to us she was serious then we would do it! Sure enough one week later and she now has her little swing chair in her room! She was sooo so excited about it and hasn't regretted her decision one bit!

We did have to compromise a little.. because an actual swing is what she wanted but that's near impossible for the space in her room.. so we settled on a fairly cheap but super cute floating swing chair for the corner of her room! Not to mention her daddy HATES putting holes in the wall let alone the ceiling.. so I caved and let it be a swing chair that hangs only from one strand of rope in stead of two like I had envisioned... and there's only so many stud options you have to hit! We are all about meeting in the middle! haha so Lexi now has her swing chair!

It was suprisingly easier to hang than I thought it was going to be! I researched on Friday night how to hang those suckers.. and I came across this brilliant youtube tip that some man gave about how to find the studs... you could use a stud finder but he also gave this tip on using a strong magnet! You basically kinda scan the area and find where the nails have been put in and you follow that until you get your line where you can drill into! We tapped a tiny nail in first to make sure we were at the right spot before we cranked the huge hook into the ceiling and it was exactly where it needed to be! Then Ty worked his boyscout magic and tied the rope using a stopper knot to the hook & chair and voila! We have our cute little swinging chair in Lexi's room!

Swing Chair: Amazon | Throw Blanket: Layla & Grayce | Pillow: Homegoods
Hook & Rope: Lowes

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