Sunday, August 13, 2017

Orange Beach, AL 2017

A couple weeks before we were heading on our summer beach trip we convinced some of our friends to come along with us! This year we stayed on the Orange Beach side (last year we did Pensacola, FL side -5 min down the road) Anyways, it was closer to all the shops and restaurants which was nice.. but the grounds weren't near as nice as where we stayed the year prior. This year we stayed at Sea Chase & last year we stayed at The Indigo. The water was a little murky when we first got there and we had TONS of sea life that was washing up to shore.. dead and alive, which was fun! Lexi had her first jellyfish bite-- and possibly Zoey did too.. but they both have different pain tolerances so I questioned if Zoey did or not- she did have a little whelp and was kinda grabbing at the spot for a while..
but she tolerates pain A LOT better than Lexi ;)

Anyways, we left bright and early at 5 o'clock Saturday morning
and all three families caravan-ed to Orange Beach!  

Trip hi-lites...
Tyson & Lexi went para-sailing for their second time,
and she loved it just as much as last year!
Tyson & Chase did the Skycoaster
Night Crab Hunts
I turned 31 on Wednesday!!
Obsessions with the Body Board & waves
Souvenir T-Shirt Hunts

The week always seems to go by way too fast and so glad our friends came with us this year!

ps. we sized up on the Columbia fisherman shirts
and had them embroidered locally before we went

Beach Essentials details head here

haha don't worry, they love each other 95% of the time!



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  1. This looks so fun! What's that Barbie surfing toy that Zoe is playing with in the pool? I know that's a super random question! Lol


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