Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Festivities & Costumes

A couple weeks back we threw a little Halloween Party with some friends!
I always loved Halloween as a child and the decorations always seemed so fun.. we don't go crazy on the totally morbid stuff but I love a little spookiness and kid friendly Halloween Vibe!

Our party landed on Friday the 13th..
out of availability dates..
but honestly I wish we could have done it a little later in the month because I ended up feeling rushed and I didn't quite nail down the girls costume as good as I would have liked..
Lexi went as a tooth fairy & zoey wore one of her dress-up dresses from the playroom.
Tyson and I went as Winnie Cooper & Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years!

(I'll post more on our other costumes.. down below)

AND of course every party needs Dollar Store Trophies..
 Photo Back Drop from Amazon & Target Dollar Section: BEWARE inflatables
 Gift Bags were from Michaels & I added some other treats and those little skeletons came on a garland from the Dollar Store and I gave them a little Spray Paint makeove

 We had Chili that night and all of our guest brought a different Halloween Dish to share!

After I realized there were about 4 more events Lexi would have to dress up for..I ended up caving and going with her original idea as a deer..
because her Tooth Fairy costume..
1. was too short
2. wings broke
3. it all looked kinda ghetto in the end

I had searched forever for a family theme costume and never could find anything I loved..
BUT, after realizing no one even could figure out who me & tyson were I decided to ditch our first round and go off of Lexi's chosen them.. which was to be a deer.

So, For our Trunk or Treat at church Tyson went as a hunter (kept it super simple),
I went as a Fox, Lexi a deer, and Zoey a racoon!!

A couple days prior when I decided to change outfits..
my first stop was Once Upon a Child to see what I could scrounge up..
I found both the girls fur vest and went from there!

The Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby pulled through for me for their tail
& ears and I picked up my tail and ears from the Halloween Store!

The only thing I couldn't find was ANY brown clothes for Lexi..
I mean surprising.. but not so surprising..
because I mean brown isn't the most flattering color on people.

So I decided to go more the burgundy route!
Old Navy had some things to choose from so that's what we ended up with!

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