Monday, December 4, 2017

Pottery Barn Sale Gift Guide

I just snagged a couple of things at Pottery Barn Kids while they were on sale...
a Tea Cup Set & A Baby Stroller for Zoey

Pottery Barn has 20% off your order + FREE SHIPPING!
Just use Code: JOLLY
Promotion code valid through 11:59pm PT on 12/5/17
I went ahead and collected some of my other favorites from Pottery Barn below!
My goal is to knock out our Christmas presents this week!!


  1. Aww these are the sweetest gifts! Love all the colors! I don't have Instagram or I would've commented there, but have you heard of Usborne books? I feel like your girls would LOVE them. Def google it if you have a free moment! - you gotta order from a consultant but if you are interested I can attach the shopping link because I'm hosting an online party at the moment! No pressure but these books are so interactive and fun! I've ordered a few for my sweet kiddos for Christmas!

    ( here's my email! )


      Here's the shopping link just in case you wanted to browse! Some of our favorites are the Peek Inside a Fairy Tale books, Illustrated Stories series, the Sticker Ballerina/Fairy books, & the activity books. SO fun! =)

    2. {I'm so sorry for commenting SO much haha!} But you can definitely see the book content on Youtube for most of the titles. That's what I did - for example if you were interested in the Peek Inside a Fairy Tale, you can youtube that title {type Usborne in front of it} and you can see the content before ordering anything. It helped so much for me!


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