Monday, September 10, 2018

Lexi's 8th Birthday ,Project Mc2 Spy Party

Me & Lexi decided to do a Project MC2 Spy Theme Birthday Party this year
and I'm pretty sure it stretched me the most on trying to get creative!
(mainly coming up with the storyline and scavenger hunt & executing it all)

Sadly I lost all of my pictures from the night that I took with my camera but I thankfully
 had taken pictures on my phone as well.. my photo ocd'ness is having to take a backseat
and just be thankful for the cell phone pics!

So to finally recap the night.. the girls were given a secret mission & went on a scavenger hunt to find all of the clues to solve the mystery.. we used our friends as suspects and witnesses so there were lots of little girls roaming around our neighborhood on walkie talkies trying to solve their mission!

Before their mission the girls ate pizza and after their mission we met back at our house and had cake & ice cream and let Lexi open her presents. Then I put on Project Mc2 in the movie room... the girls ended up roaming around upstairs pretending and recreating their own spy missions and got totally into it! I'm not going to lie.. that was a little satisfying knowing they were having fun & we had a successful theme! 

My brain was exhausted by the end of the night but it turned out really fun!
(only thing I would do different was try and cut down on the number of kids)
[it's soo hard not to include kids but 25 was a lot to keep track of!]

I ended up designing her own invites,
apparently Project Mc2 birthday theme is not popular..
yet ;)

The kitchen turned into Cafe Atoms (like in the show)
First thing the girls did as they got there was they got finger printed..
I just added these into their party favors
They received their special Top Secret Folders shortly before they got their "mission call"
Inside the folders I had printed out an outline of the mission along with their suspect list..
[They got their favors before they left the party.. so the girls didn't have to keep track of them]

Inside Their Folders:

I sent all the girls up to the movie room where they watched their "mission call"..

Before the party I had sent out the storyline with their "lines" to my friends who
were involved in giving clues throughout the spy scavenger hunt:
(im attaching below incase anyone needs a guide when creating their own storyline)
Scene of the Crime:
Jesika: I actually didn’t see anything strange happen that night.. maybe my babysitter Hannah saw something? She is always so honest I bet if you text her she would let y’all know if she saw something!   Her cell phone number is ________.
Hannah(over text) I was hoping someone would notice something was off! I can’t meet in public to tell you what I saw... but I have already left behind clues to shed light on what happened... If you head over to the park bench by the lake you will notice an envelope with glasses.. there is also another envelope with glasses by the street light post.
{Clue in Envelope with sunglasses} Sending them to ____Jordan's house_____.
Jordan: Well we had a Fireworks crew out there they seemed really nice.. I was in the middle of talking to them when I saw Page leave in a real hurry that night.. I meant to check on her to see if everything was ok but I totally forgot about that until y’all mentioned it...
Page is right down the road maybe you could check with her..

Page's: Note on Door
Be Back Soon Call ____ if you need me! 

Page: Ohhh ya know! I bet it was that one guy who came to clean up the party that arrived really early! He started talking to everyone.. and ya know what?! I heard their company got really bad reviews! I never did look at the reviews so I’m not really sure why.. but ya know I never did get a good feeling about them.. did they happen to do something??? THEN HANG UP 

We tell girls to send a text & check with Hannah if she knows anything about Page the Activity Director or Josh the Cleanup Crew guy..
Hannah: GIVES CLUE to 2 different locations
- Team meets back up together 

with each part of lipstick recorder.
{Lipstick recorder} - It wasn’t the cleanup crew.. but check for a clue at the doors of the ____.

CLUE: Flamingo Envelope: You will need this bracelet to unlock book in the mailbox of ______.

They find out who thief was in the last clue (using the mc2 journal)
& Facetime to report who stole the diamond

Lipstick Recorder : Here (used in scavenger hunt)
Project MC2 Journal: Here (used in scavenger hunt)

Happy Birthday Banner: Etsy
Cafe Atoms Sign: I made with glitter plastic felt (not sure the name) from Hobby Lobby

Name Tag Badges: Hobby Lobby
Invitation & Name Tags: I made custom
Invisible Disappearing Ink Marker: Here
Finger Print: Dollar Tree
Whistles & Candy: Party City

Confetti Balloons: Here
Pink Electric Scooter (Lexi's Big Gift): Here

Test Tub Rack : Here
Plastic Test Tubes: Here - put poprocks in them
Plastic Petri Dishes: Here
Flask Set: Here

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