Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Master Bedroom Progress

Ok! I figured it was about time to give a Master Bedroom update!

I'll start out with giving my moodboard for the room and a Before picture!!

Then I'll show you where we are at today!! :)

All the links to my moodboard are linked above.. 
The Mirror we bought is from: Home Depot
Curtain Rods I went with: Bed Bath & Beyond 
warm gold finish- curtain rod & extension rod
Our Bed: I ordered it in Zuma White
White Curtains: Click link above because you DO NOT want to miss out on
such a cheap price for 108" curtains!
I was shocked to find them so cheap
(You don't wanna know what I paid for my living & dining room curtains)
and I have been so happy with them!
Pillows: Homegoods Find!
Linen Duvet Bedding: Restoration Hardware

Here's how the room is looking as of today!! We are making progress!! I still have spaces to figure out right now I'm really wanting to order those wall sconces to hang above the mirrors.. and maybe find something simple to go above bed since my prior piece just wasn't working after the mirrors went in.. once I decided to take it down it just solidified whitewashing the wood frame wasn't going to fix the problem.. I think it was just too much going on after adding those mirrors.. soo we will keep playing with ideas until we get it right!

and just to reference in case you have been following along on instagram..
(this was picture I took before I took down the middle frame which we had up before the mirrors)
Loving the more simple look! 

Ohh I almost forgot to show you what we had in our bedroom before..
it was our bedroom furniture we bought 2 years into our marriage.. 
a bedroom set that lasted us 10 years! 
Once we got rid of all of the black.. every step of the way I just kept telling Ty how much I love it in our bedroom!! I think we spent maybe 3 weeks with no furniture just a bed in there.. and even then I felt like it was a breath of fresh air!! We have been slowly adding things to the room.. some things I thought would work perfect and turned out certain things just didn't work! 
It's been a trial and error but I'm loving what it's turning into!!

 Things we still need to finish:
Possible wall sconces above mirrors
New Fan
Art Work
Finish styling the Chair Nook area (not pictured)
and a possible other surprise piece ;)

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