Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Disney Must Haves

I've got Disney on my mind so I wanted to make a little blog post dedicated to some of the cutest finds in case any of you are like me & looking for cute disney themed christmas gift ideas!
We were able to go to Disneyland over thanksgiving break and
heading back to Disney World in January & I can't wait to go back!!

Since I have been randomly browsing Disney gear ever since we first found out we were going this past summer I have found that sooo many stores carry Disney stuff! Especially since it's their 90th anniversary.. the only stinky thing is things come and go on websites often! Things I purchased a couple months ago are long gone but good news is that new stuff keeps popping up! My advice though is if you see something grab it when you can! If it's on the official disney store.. you will have pretty good luck that it will stay for a while!

PS.. I had about a million questions asking where I got the girls black mickey backpacks..
they are sadly no where to be found online.. I came across them at my local H&M outlet.. but went to grab my sisters little girl one a couple days later and they had zero there & no where online.. I did find out through searching the internet they are H&M bags (obviously) but from a couple years ago..
no clue how I came across them but I'll just take it as fate!

I'm obsessed with them and they worked perfectly for traveling & in the park!

If you want a similar one these were a close runner up from Zara..

also these are the girls mickey ears I ordered them.
and this bubble wand I bought for the parades!

If you need good Disney themed travel stuff check
the Target Dollar Section & the Dollar Tree!

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