Thursday, February 7, 2019

Valentine Freebie

I had a good response from my Instagram poll so I'm adding Lexi's Valentine Day Cards as a freebie over here on the blog! If you use them I would love to see them so be sure to tag me over @pillowthought on instagram!! Don't forget the more you comment and like on my instagram POST the more you will see Pillow Thought show up on your feed and the more it can help spread the word about my account! I'm working hard to get back blogging so all the support means the world! <3

We are currently working on Lexi's Pineapple Valentine Mailbox so be sure to follow over there on instagram to see how it all turns out! It's our first year for mailboxes and I was so excited for it! I remember loving that part of Valentine's as a kid!

Here are some Pineapple candy ideas to go with them!
Pineapple Zolli-Pops | Pineapple Now N Laters | Pineapple Trident 

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