Monday, October 28, 2019

Upstairs Bathroom Before & Design Plan

Here's a look at what one of our bathrooms upstairs looks/ed like..
It wasn't anything fancy and the tile, black cabinets, and beige countertops have grossed me out ever since we moved in almost 5 years ago! All the bathroom have/has the same black cabinets with beige tiles. We have re-done 2/4 of them and this bathroom is our 3rd one to tackle. Our Master Bathroom will be our last one to tackle (if we get to that point) Our goal in making over this bathroom isn't to make it completely drop dead gorgeous it's more of a let's make this look a lot better with a smaller budget. I've mentioned this before but this isn't our forever home.. we LOVE this home with all our hearts and have been making it more our style ever since we moved in.. but a bigger backyard for our girls to roam and play soccer is always in the back of our minds! So here's a glimpse at what our bathroom looked like before & a vision of things to come!

Vertical Shiplap

Trim Board 1x3x8  | Trim Board 1x4x8 | Liquid Nail

My goal is to stick with the same vibe as the bathroom we did downstairs...
but switching up a couple of things..  one being the pattern tile for the floor we chose.
(you can check out our downstairs bathroom Reno here)

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