Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Playroom Details

(scroll down for current)

So the girls playroom is upstairs in our loft area and it gets USED sooo much!
I found an older picture to show you what it has looked like this last year.. 
but just add like a thousand more toys out all over the place..
that second door is the closet space that stores all the toys
And that first door is the playroom bathroom...
which too got a make over this last year but it's not quite "finished" but oh so close!!

Ok, so for Christmas I knew this space needed a little more love
and it will probably be evolving a little more over 2020!

The girls really needed a better space to sit at
because they constantly have friends over and a two seated table
just wasn't cutting it.

So for Christmas, Lexi wanted "School Stuff"
one of their favorite thing the girls play when their friends come over is "school"..
Principals, Teachers, students, etc... are always being assigned
so I didn't mind making her Christmas Wish come a little more alive!

This was our 'big gift' to her for Christmas and I loved every bit of finding things for it!

Playroom Sources

White Bookshelves: Here
White Play Table: Ikea | Kid Stools: Ikea
Playroom RugAmazon 9x12 in Green/Multicolored

Pink School Supply Cart: Here
DollHouse: Here
ChandelierAmazon - spray painted silver 
Christmas Tree: Currently Unavailable on Target-- it's the Wondershop brand
Aqua Sofa: Homegoods
DIY Scrabble Letters PlayTutorial Here

Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod: DIY (Pinterest tutorial)  
Crinkle Tie Top Curtains: World Market  
Hanging String LightsTarget (no longer available) 

 If you want more inspiration for our playroom you can check out this past post!
It's always evolving so I see another update coming
in the next couple of months!

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