Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Understairs Closet Revamp Phase 1

Our first project of the year started off when we found the need to change our existing Laundry/Mudroom to make room for our new puppy! 
Our mudroom/laundry room was a landing place for shoes and backpacks.. but now that we had a new puppy in our house.. we needed it to transition into housing a kennel and have a space for Pixi's food and water! One thing led to another and things started spiraling (isn't that how all projects go?)..  NOW we were needing to do a MAJOR clean out of our under stairs closet
and make it actually function.. more than a dumping ground ! 

I so wish I would have taken a before picture because there was sooooo much JUNK piled in there!

Off we went cleaning it all out and made plans to for shelves in the back to hold board games and other miscellaneous kid games the girls could have easy access to!
Then hooks to hang up backpacks & coats!

Yall ready to dive in to see the process!?

First things first...
Change out the current lightbulbs to LED Daylight!
Makes such a difference for small spaces!
(and you probably already know I have a pet peeve for yellow lighting)

Measured and had our boards cute to the size we needed!

STAY TUNED for Phase 2 Blog Post of our Under stairs Closet
and if you cant wait for that.. head on over to my Instagram Hi-Lite!

Phase 1 felt pretty dang good, but Phase 2... Phase 2 is my favorite!

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