Thursday, October 15, 2020

Parenting Screen/Phone Balance

GABB phones are highly recommended for those parents 
who need to be able to get a hold of their child -
You can Use Code: LMARLOR to get $10 off a Gabb Phone

A Relay is another option for TWEENS

Full Article over here

This Article was SOO GOOD! Find the why's here

Such a GOOD Article on how to talk to your kids about Suicide here
"discussing suicide doesn't encourage it"

books recommended from Collin Kartchner

Movies I recommend watching that were SO GOOD and eye opening:

The Social Dilemma on Netflix

Childhood 2.0 on YouTube

Collin Kartchner -- if you can go watch him at a live seminar DO!
i was able to watch him through a LIVE stream and he was so good!!

and if your a podcast listener be sure to tune into him here

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