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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

netflix and cuddles

most of our days and evenings are spent on this very couch,
cuddling and watching christmas movies on netflix.
and i kinda don't mind it one bit!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Zoey's Nursery Reveal

It will be a while before Zoey's nursery is actually finished,
so I wanted to at least document what it looks like for now!
I was going for a soft woodland theme and I just love
how simple and peaceful it feels in there!
I didn't want to hang too much since we are moving in a month or so,
so it's simplicity at it's finest!

Changing Pad Cover: Lake Street Ave

Swaddle Blanket: Saranoni | Plush Doll: Live Sweet Shop

Zoey: Onesie: Old Navy / similar | Headband: Elle Bowtique
Crib:Ikea | Crib Skirt: Restoration Hardware | Crib Sheet: Buy Buy Baby | Pillow: Home Goods
Curtains: Bed Bath & Beyond | White Rocker: Amazon | Accent Table: Tuesday Morning
Rug: Ikea | Swaddle Blanket: Saranoni | Plush Doll: Live Sweet Shop
Mobile &Feather Banner: DIY
Floral Z: DIY -Wood Z from Hobby Lobby or Joannes I can't remember
^Florals pieces: Michaels/ Hobby Lobby/ Joannes
Dresser: Ikea / spray painted knobs | Paper Flowers:West Elm | Deer Head: Target
Lamp: Home Goods | Diaper Genie: Amazon
White Frame: Kohls | Print: Alice and Ivory
Changing Pad Cover: Lake Street Ave

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Tree Lighting

This weekend we had our towns Christmas Tree lighting,
I kinda love how many Christmas things there are to do around this city!
It was a bit chilly but it was fun getting out..
they even had fake snow flurries after the christmas tree was lit!
We had corn dogs, fair style potatoe chips, and hot cocoa for dinner.
quite the combo!
(blurry, but I couldn't not share this sweet face!)

Friday, December 5, 2014

One month old little Zoey

headband: Elle Bowtique
One month stats
Holding your head up pretty good when laying on our chest-- you get kinda crazy on us and still don't have full control like you think you do.

Won't take a Paci, you gag on them and only on special occasions will take them while in the car seat.

You grunt like no bodies business! You know exactly when it's bed time because the grunting tends to start when I lay you down in the bassinet at night. Slightly easing up a bit during the night!

You seem to be growing faster than Lexi did. You are slowly fitting into some 0-3 month clothes but you are mostly just in newborn.. I'm thinking by next month you will outgrow newborn.

You are strictly breastfed, I have gotten my milk under control and no longer have to pump the excess.

I change a million poopy diapers, and almost always after I change your diaper you dirty up the clean one.

Your feedings average around 10 minutes. As short as 4 and longest one has reached 30 minutes.

You only cry when you are hungry it seems or when you just want to be held. You are still sleeping majority of the day but definitely have alert time frames.

At 3 weeks you started grasping things with your hands and trying to focus on objects and faces.

Bedtime starts at midnight, I try to keep you on my hours :)
We let you hang out with us in the living room and I normally do my last feed for the night around 11:30/midnight and then we go to bed.. The past couple of nights you have given me longer stretches 4+ last night and almost 5-6 the night before. But majority of the time you are on every 3 hours.

We went for your 1 month check up today,
You are still looking like a healthy little baby.. I finally got the confirmation from test results that you DO NOT have cystic fibrosis! Seriously such good news.. it something I always kept in the back of my mind ever since we found out 4 months ago that me and Tyson were both cystic fibrosis carriers. (It gives all of our children a 25% chance that they could have cf)

You are weighing 8 lbs (16%) 20" tall (8%) Head: 13.5 (3%)

Helpful Apps I'm loving:
Sleep Bug: White Noise Soundscape (free) - use this at bedtime for her
Baby Feeding, Sleep & Diaper Tracker by Mom Mobile (it's green) -- I use this to keep track of her feedings

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I finally finished ordering our Christmas Cards tonight,
I kinda love the options over at Minted, I ended up going with a booklet this year
and included Zoey's birth announcement in it!
Gotta love knocking out two birds with one stone!!

Ok so 3 reasons why I love using Minted for our Christmas Cards
(it's who we used last year too)

1.They have some really cute designs
2. They print your addresses on the envelopes FOR YOU!
3. They save all of that information to your account for you to use next year!
Which made my order time a thousand times less stressful
Because I didn't have to try and collect a million addresses from everyone,
all I had to do was swap out the ones that had moved in the last year.

So anyways.. since I'm not sharing our entire booklet.
I will give you all a little sneak at some more of our pictures we took last weekend.

and NOTE TO SELF: don't attempt taking family pictures when a child is sick.
Lexi could not keep her eyes open for the life of her, poor thing!

Glad I was able to snag some with my parents while they were in town!!

Outfit Details
Lexi: Dress: Old Navy | Headband: Gymboree (Old) | Boots: Gap / old

Zoey: Dress: OshKosh | Sweater: Zara | Headband: Elle Bowtique

Me: Skirt & Belt: Forever21 (old) | Top: (have no idea) Old

Ty: Jeans: Nordstrom | Shirt & Sweater: Old Navy

a little naptime painting + a giveaway

It's a pretty good day when I find a product that stimulates the creative side of my child,
I swear she could paint all day if she could.. there is just something so therapeutic about it!
So while Zoey napped me and Lexi had some one on one time
and she painted her rainbow masterpiece!!
Paint-a-doodle is a company that wants to encourage a small change in perception
in the world around you. Paint-A-Doodle is about play! It's about family time,
child development, and the pursuit of creativity for life.  It’s stress relief & art therapy for children.

Painting can help your child with their hand eye coordination,
enhance motor skills, relieves stress, and boost their confidence.

Here's the fun part for you!!

I get to GIVE AWAY 2 Paint-a-doodles AND there is 2 ways to win!

1. You can enter via Rafflecopter below
2. You can head on over to Pillow Thought's facebook
and leave a comment on the specific post with a picture of your favorite color.
(ex: your favorite color is white.. post a picture of a cloud in the comments)

I will pick one winner on each and the winner will be announced on December 11th.

Also, Paint-a-doodle is giving all Pillow Thought readers
(who follow both of us on Facebook) a 15% discount
Just use code: PillowPaint -- The code will be live until December 11th
that way it should arrive for your little ones before Christmas!!

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