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Friday, August 26, 2016

Perdido Key August 4th, 5th, & 6th!

Our morning started off rainy but started clearing off so we headed out for the beach/pool when we could! That night we headed to an early dinner at Cosmo's, back for some more playing at the beach and possibly a little crab hunting I can't quite remember, and sno cones!

and zoey had my little petshops for dinner...

Day 7! Last full day!

We ate at the best restaraunt yet this night!
It's called Cobalt and I'm not kidding you I'm craving their shrimp right this very moment!
This was one of the only restaraunts we had never been to before and it was such a nice surprise!
Loved the atmosphere and the food.. Zoey was a pill the entire dinner so me and ty once again took turns with her outside while we ate haha but it was sooo so worth going!!

I learned from a couple days prior that a good walk on the beach
during her usual naptime hours would put her down for a nap.. so a walk it was!

And since I didn't whip out the camera the day we drove back home,
snap stories to the rescue!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Perdido Key August 3rd

We were so so glad to wake up to a sun-shiney day!!
We made sure to take full advantage of the nice weather
and stayed at the pool or beach pretty much all day..

Lexi had been begging to go parasailing with Ty,
she pretty much thinks anything with her dad is the coolest thing ever
and Ty was all about it.. me on the other hand. It scared the living crap out of me..
You couldn't pay me to go parasailing because I'm deathly afraid of heights.
I kept re-addressing the fact thats she is only 6..
well it took until Wednesday of being there for me to feel ok about it.
I had googled videos where young kids had gone so I was able to see the setup
and that little kids actually are allowed on it.

Ty said she was a little nervous and was holding onto his hands
as they were taking off but once they got up higher she got more comfortable and let go..
and said "this is beautiful" - haha love her!
When she got down she said she wanted to go again the next day..
(I let her know that wasn't an option hah!)
and told me all about it and the dolphins she got to see!

Luckily a walk on the beach got Zoey right to sleep so we stole some
vacant lounge chairs behind ours to lay her down on.

We stayed in and had dinner at the condo that night and went out to hunt crabs after!
Good day for sure!

luckily ty paid a little extra for them to take pictures while they were up, 
smart thinker - i totally forgot to mention that to him before they headed off!!

and my view from the beach

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