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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bouqs Review

I was asked to write a review on Bouqs 

What’s Bouqs? You ask… 
It's an online Flower Shop
(you may remember them from Shark Tank Season 5)
They have $40, $50, $70 packages for each arrangement they carry
You can purchase once, sign up for regular blooms, or their concierge service
to remind you of upcoming birthdays, holidays, etc..

The best part is that if you're flowers arrive and you are not happy with your order,
they will take care of you! I'd say this is the most important part of receiving/sending flowers..
You want to be happy with the overall product, am I right?


  • Late delivery. If we don’t deliver by the day scheduled, we will provide a Free Replacement or equivalent store credit.  Only exceptions here are when we attempt on time and the delivery cannot be made for some reason outside of our control (EG wrong address, or the recipient wasn’t home, or a business is closed, etc), and weather.  If we miss otherwise, we make up for it.
  • Quality Issues.  If for some reason our flowers arrive in substandard condition, we will provide a Free Replacement or equivalent store credit.  Please note that this requires your delivery to be Signature Required, as this is the only way we can guarantee quality.  This does not cover minor blemishes or  if just a couple blooms or so are slightly damaged (because we send 10-15% free blooms every time!).
  • Short vase life.  If your flowers do not last more than 3 days we will provide a free replacement.  This requires Signature Required delivery and a photo within 3 days of delivery.
  • Inaccurate flower composition or notecard.  If we mess up and ship the wrong bouq or notecard, we’ll send a Free Replacement or provide equivalent Store Credit.  This requires a photo of the Bouq!  Slight color variations from the photo are common so please expect that nature isn’t perfectly consistent!

For more about Bouq's and their company you can watch this little clip!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's in My Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag //  Budu Baby - I'm obsessed with my Brown Leather Budu bag, I have always been on a search for a diaper bag that looks like a normal purse that I would already carry and that will go with everything and when I spotted this one I just fell in love! It also comes with a leather changing pad & bottle holder. My heart literally died and went to heaven when it arrived!! Oh and did I mention it has about a million different compartments in this bag.. it's like organization heaven!

Swaddle Blanket // Anchor And Arrow Thread - I'm also over the top obsessed with this floral blanket! It's the perfect mix of classic and sweet!

Newborn & Preemie Sized Headbands // Elle Bowtique 1 | 2 | 3  -- gotta top off baby girl with some Elle Bowtique! 

Newborn & Preemie Sized Going Home Outfit / Onesies // Gap  / Old Navy
(Carters carry good newborn size for smaller babies)

Paci Clip // Ryan & Rose

Pacifiers // Avent from Target

Lovie // Flora Fawn Mini Sweetie from Live Sweet Shop

Huggies Wipes & a couple of newborn Pamper Swaddlers

Also, you can call or look online at your hospitals website where you will be delivering 
and they should have a list of what they will provide for you to go home with.. 
My hospital said they take care of diapers and wipes. 
Honestly between leaving the hospital and heading home 
I don't think there is much else you will really need than the basics 
but I plan to pack a couple just in case. 
If I missed anything that you wished you would have had in your diaper bag for baby, 
please let me know!! Next on my to-do list.. pack my hospital bag!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

35 Weeks & Fall Family Pictures

I am officially 35 weeks and we have 4 weeks until our induction date!

It's kinda crazy how fast this next month is probably going to go,
My doctors office called yesterday morning and let me know they scheduled it with the hospital and my mom booked her ticket for the day prior.. let's just hope she stays in their until the 19th!
It's technically 6 days before I'm due.. but Lexi made her appearance 10 days early..
Who knows, I have already come to the conclusion you can't plan anything in life,
so we will just go with the flow and hope it works out that my mom is here!

I haven't had too many pregnancy complaints other than it is becoming super hard to move around and bend over.. I sometimes feel like a 80 year old woman trying to do things and I swear my body is just so sore and out of shape! I have noticed swelling in my hands and feet.. nothing too crazy but I'm pretty sure I couldn't get my wedding ring off if I tried.. something that didn't happen with my last pregnancy with Lex. Lucky for me I haven't had any tail bone pain in a couple of weeks!
I'm sleeping pretty good too just hard to get in and out of our tall bed in the middle of the night for bladder release trips hah! I'm feeling her move a lot it's changed how I feel it now.. sometimes it's feeling like she is trying to break out of my stomach and I will get crazy pressure all over my stomach with bulges. My face is still getting nice and plump.. don't love this about pregnancy :)

A couple of weeks ago we made a October bucket list of Fall things we/I wanted to do before the baby comes and on the list I put Fall family pictures.. Tyson passingly went a long with it and I convinced him for my 35 week mark to try and get some of all us! Low key.. nothing elaborate.  Lucky for me he is a pretty good sport.. trust me this is not his favorite thing to do but we were able to get some family pictures done!! It's always worth it in the end I tell him! We just used clothes we already had in our closets and setup a tripod and self timer to snag one of all three of us! We only get 4 or so tries at it.. so luckily we got one that works! Then we just take turns with the camera to get the rest of our "family pictures" haha gotta love it!

He's pretty stinkin handsome if you ask me!

Outfit Details:
Shirt: JCrew older / Similar | Khakis: Kohls / (Marc Anthony Slim)
Shoes: Nordstroms

Lexi: Dress: Zara (old) / Similar  | Boots: Gap Outlet / Similar 
Wine Wool Hat: snagged it on Brickyard Buffalo early spring (no longer available) / but, found it here 

Me: Dress: Seraphine | Brown Wedges: Aldo (old)  / Similar | Belt: Forever 21 
Bracelets: Forever 21 & Silver | Lashes: House of Lashes
Also, pregnancy spanx-- a must with tighter dresses!
I gave into buying fake lashes, they just help add to the face!
I miss eyelash extensions and I can't use lilash while pregnant.. so they are a fun fix! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post-Baby Fall Outfit

1: Bracelet: Aldo / $18
2: Black Dress: Free People / $275
3: Ring: Aldo / $12
4: Fedora: Nordstrom / $50
5: Blouse: Anthropologie / $98
6: Cream LongSleeve : Anthropologie / $168
7: Bib Necklace: Nordstrom / $28
8: Black Jeans: Revolve Clothing / $220
9: Black Wrap Belted Bootie : Nordstrom / $119
Progresso soup has 40 delicious flavors at 100 calories or less per serving,
which will help you look and feel your best.
They ALSO have an amazing wardrobe makeover contest going on!
Oh yes you can enter for a chance to win a wardrobe makeover
for you and three of your friends, courtesy of Progresso
Enter the 
Wardrobe Makeover Contest over at Progresso™.
Four deserving Progresso fans and three of their friends will each win
a $1,000 cash card and a year-long subscription to the POPSUGAR “Must Have Box”

I am already thinking about post-baby fashion days,
so I have come up with 3 complete looks for under $1,000.

I'm absolutely LOVING the bohemian blacks & creams for Fall!
You never know just how long it will take to get off that baby weight
but I sure plan on watching what I eat after baby comes and I am excited to know
that Progresso Soups are 100 calories or less per serving
and they keep you full and looking and feeling your best!

"Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Progresso through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select.
While I was compensated to write a post about Progresso, all opinions are my own." 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Off to the Pumpkin Patch!

Saturday was kind of a busy day!
We started it off with Lexi's soccer game, then off to a birthday party 
then we decided to head to a pumpkin patch.
I love Saturdays that are filled with family activities,
makes the weekends more meaningful!

We got to the pumpkin patch an hour before it closed so we didn't have a ton of time but we still crammed in as much of the activities as we could! I'm glad we came across the one we went too because it was pretty fun for kids.. they had just about every cartoon wood cut out and I'm pretty sure Lexi posed and took a picture with every. single. one.. they are pretty cute pics but i'll spare you the million character pics.. and then there were jump houses, and little hay rides,
after that we grabbed a wagon and set out to find our pumpkin! 

apparently a couple of my pics are out of focus.. but still posting! ;)

such the helper, and she actually surprises me with her strength!

Lexi's Outfit:
Blue Jean Top: H&M | Tutu Tank: Ryleigh Rue | Leggings: Old Navy | Boots: Gap Outlet

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

lexi lu

Dress: Nordstrom Rack | Vest: Ryleigh Rue | Headband: Elle Bowtique

I hope I never forget this age with you little lulu..
You literally have the sweetest spirit about you.
You are the most thoughtful caring soul
and you fill my days with endless entertainment..
to say it is a bit quiet around the house when you are at school 
would be an understatement.
The other day you fell asleep in my arms while I rocked you for not even 5 minutes.
It's been way too long since that has happened
you will always be our baby.
I am semi getting worried how you will react to a new baby in our lives 
but I think more than anything you will get used to the crazy that is about to rock our world.
I'm trying my hardest to prepare you.. us 
but I guess we'll see!
We only have 6 more weeks, 
and you have already started your countdown!
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