Monday, April 3, 2017

Bathing Suit Season Picks

It's April!!
So guess what that means?!
It's officially one more month til bathing suit season!
Here in Texas, atleast! ;)

I have pulled together some of my favorite bathing suits & coverups!! All you have to do is click on the image to go through to the website!! Hope you all are having a good start to your week!!

Little Girl Picks

Little One Coverups

For the Mermaid in your life

Picks for Me & You!!

Now if all of us could look like these models in their swimsuits!
We'd be set.. right!?
This is my self reminder to hit the gym this month!!
(and where is my monkey hiding his eyes emoji when i need it?)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Make-Up Routine

ALL Product IMAGES are CLICKABLE & SHOPPABLE for your convenience!

Step 1. Foundation & Concealer

Ok, so I start with my conealer first. I have super dark circles above and below my eyes so I use Bye Bye Under eye (top left corner) and I apply it with the bubble blender! I also religiously use this to make my eyeshadow last. It's more sticky/thicker than a foundation so I love that I don't have to use my fingers for this step! I actually have tried using it for my foundation too.. but I would much rather use my hands if I'm using the Naked Foundation (top right) or if I'm using my Confidence in a Compact (bottom left) then I use a brush (bottom right). I honestly LOVE either of these foundations.. they both work great. IT Cosmetics compact is a full coverage & Naked Foundation is more weightless but gives great coverage as well!

You can grab the bubble blender on Amazon here: Whippy Cake Bubble Blender for only $12

Step 2: Eye Shadow

Ok so this image isn't the color I use.. but when you click through to the link it will give you all of the options.. I use Half Baked on my eye lids and then I usually use a smoky chocolate color (Smog) in the outside corners or around the crease. Then I hi-lite right under my eyebrows with Vanilla. I HIGHLY recommend Half Baked, Smog & Vanilla-(Vanilla is not in the naked palette but so worth getting the single-it has lasted me years!!) all in Urban Decay eye shadows!! My all time fave for a good 4 years!

Step 3: Powder, Contour & Blush

I apply any powders I have ever used with this brush.. I just love it!!
After I put on my foundation I always set it by brushing on my powder after (I use the brush below to do this step).. it helps my makeup last longer and I like that it gives my face a more matte look and not so shiny! I have yet to be sold on any one powder-- They all seem to do the job.. I feel like foundation is the crucial part and this is just the icing on top! But below, are ones that I have used and recommend!

And on those days where I'm putting more effort into my makeup I do a simple version of contouring. This palette has been my favorite by far.. Looking at the image below, I use the top left on the palette for the cheek bone area and then I usually mix the two on the right together for hiliting different areas on my face (i did do the hi-liting cheek bones step in video). Not only are the colors perfect shades they literally have a diagram of where you needed to be using them on your face so it makes things EXTREMELY easy!  Then I usually always brush on blush! 

Step 4: Eye Brows

I literally feel naked without shading my eyebrows in. I first started shading them in 5-6 years ago but it's something I have to do before I leave the house! Shading your eyebrows in just helps give them a better shape and I always recommend getting your eyebrows threaded which will also help in giving them a good shape!  I am 98% sure I will never try microblading.. to me it doesn't look any better than shading your eyebrows in.. and I don't mind that shading it in takes me 30 seconds to do every morning. Microblading is not worth the upkeep & pain in my book!

So I have been using this palette forever now, but I do recommend buying another eye shadow brush -- the one that comes with it is not a favorite! I just went to Walgreens and bought a cheap one but it totally does the job a 1,000 times better than the one they give you. I also only use the bottom right one (brunette) and didn't care for the setting wax process

Step 5: Mascara & Eye Liner

But side note: I use Babe Lash to make my lashes longer!
I currently need to buy some more, I have let my lashes get more stubby than I like..


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Outdoor Living Favorites

The weather is creeping up on perfect out here and I'm slowly feeling like it may be ok to start planting new life back here! Just waiting on some more sunny days! The grass is trying to turn green too so once spring comes I'm sure I'll post some more pictures but for now here's where we've been spending our days and nights! I'll update more soon!

Shop Outdoor Living Space

Monday, March 6, 2017

Murder Mystery Party

Last month we were able to attend a Murder Mystery Party
in our neighborhood and it was so much fun!!
The theme was set in the 20's and it made for the perfect date night!!

I was a Flapper Girl & Tyson Cop
We were all given characters beforehand and we were told to dress the part..
We were e-mailed our character profiles and when we showed up we were given another sheet (dialogue of sorts) with a list of people and topics we were suppose to address..  we were basically figuring out the backgrounds on all of the other characters. Half way through the party the "shot" went off and someone was murdered.. we were all given a new dialogue (part b) to help us figure out who the murderer was... at the end of the night we all wrote down our vote on who we thought did it and then the murderer was revealed.. only one person guessed the right guy.

It was a night full of appetizers, desserts, and fun conversations!
Can't wait for the next one!

Tyson rented his outfit & I borrowed my dress from a friend (which you can find here)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kids Room + Target's Home Sale

If you are wanting to refresh your kids rooms,
I have pulled some of my favorite pieces from the pillowfort collection!

Target has some of their Home Pieces up to 20% off on:
Bedding, Throw Blankets, Pillows, Curtains, Rugs, Kitchen & Dining, & Entertainment.
(online only)
Plus save an extra 5% with your Target Red Card
which gives you access to free shipping!
Valid 3/5-3/11

If you have been eyeing some pieces,
now's the time to check to see if it's a part of their sale!!

Prices are lower than its showing..
Happy Target Shopping!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Netflix February Faves

I have been trying to finish the last season of Fuller House.. but they have some EXTRA cheesy moments.. its always when they bring in the original cast.. wish they would just let go with all the throwback comments and then maybe it would work!

Lexi's Faves:
Project MC2

Zoey's Faves:
Finding Dory
Jessie - she actually sings the theme song haha