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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kitchen Remodel - BEFORE & AFTER

We finally have our kitchen finished!!

Keep in mind we bought a spec home,
so we were not able to pick out or customize anything
other than the carpet in our home.
Every house we seemed to look at needed some major tlc and we never found any home that was perfect just the way we were wanting... we had thought about buying an older home in other areas closer to the city but the prices were about the same as buying our brand new home more out in the country  (which my husband preferred anyway) so it seemed like a no-brainer when things came down to it.
Fix up a brand new home or fix up an older home?! let's do the brand new
I know it seems crazy to re-model something brand new but it has been worth every penny!
So let's take a little tour from the beginning (back in January of this year)...

So I'm in love with this kitchen..
I pictured this bright white kitchen..  didn't love the black cabinets.. but loved the style and quality.
I loved that I would be able to watch t.v. while doing the dishes or cooking..
that it was a open area to hang out in.
I didn't love the all the beige. that was my first complaint.
There was beige walls, ceiling, backsplash, and floor tiles..
and the granite was kind of busy on it's own so nothing flowed design wise.
First things first, PAINT!
I could not wait to ditch the beige!
I wanted white walls and my husband wanted gray..
The husband won on this one, and I'm glad we went
with the gray walls since we were doing white cabinets.

So we had the whole downstairs entry/living area painted gray:
(Tinman by Kwall Paint at Sherwin Williams)
and we did white Ceilings
(snowbound is the color sherman williams)
we also did white upstairs in the main area
along with all of the ceilings in the house..
It is the shade of white that best matched our trim.

After the house painting was done.. we moved on to painting the cabinets white!
It seriously looked like we had ebola in our house for a couple of days
because they had taped off and plastic wrapped the whole kitchen area.
After the cabinets were painted, we did our back-splash.
My mom had pointed out how the side-back-splash they had on there was really weird..
after she had made that comment way back in the beginning stages I could not stop
thinking it looked weird.. so we decided to ditch having back-splash on the sides
and had them re-texture and paint the two side walls. glad we did!

The counter tops were not my all time favorite.. but not something that had to be changed.
So we kept them!
The rest of the downstairs is hardwood..
so we continued out the hardwood to the kitchen and nook area!

 SIDESTORY on lighting -- you'll want to read this one:
I had searched for pendants FOR forever!!
Like I don't know how many picture messages I sent to my sister trying to figure
out what direction to go.. and never fell in love with anything.
I didn't know which hardware to choose.. style, etc..
I had no idea what they would actually look like inside the home up against our stuff
(i'm kind of a buy and return if it doesn't work kind of decorator)
so it made me nervous to splurge on something online in case it just didn't work.
Plus, I had to figure out something that would flow
with our chandelier that is in the kitchen nook area to the side..
so it was kind of stressful.

BUT, lucky for me my HomeGoods stalking habits paid off...
I literally pop in to a couple different location of HomeGoods twice a week
because they always have new stuff coming and going and you know
the good stuff always gets snagged up quick!

so one Saturday I was shopping and came across these two perfect pendants!
AND they were only $39.99 -- amazing find if I do say so myself!
I needed 3.. but i grabbed the two just in case and figured I would try
calling the 6 other locations in the DFW area.. no luck :(
so I figured I would just try and find one online..
no luck...
That next Monday I was out running errands.. made sure to stop in at Home Goods..
because you know.. I might miss a good find.
AND sure enough there were magically TWO more EXACT same kind pendants
(that I had previously bought & couldn't find a third).. It was just waiting for me!!
so that pendant came home with me that day..
and completed my kitchen!


White & Green Plants: Ikea
Wood Plant: Home Goods
Metal Sign: Vintage Market
Cutting Board: Home Goods
Utensil Holder: World Market
Wooden Spoons, Spatula, Etc. : World Market
Pendants: Homegoods
Stools: Target
Kitchen Rug: West Elm
Cabinet Hardware:
Amazon Knobs & Cup

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Get Better Candy Poster

One of Lexi's friend in our neighborhood broke his little leg a couple of weeks ago.
He is also on Lexi's soccer team (that I'm coaching this year with a friend)
so we decided to make him a little candy poster to help cheer him up!

I couldn't find ideas on Pinterest for the life of me for "getting better" they all tend to be romantic,
so I figured I would share it in the blog world! My mom helped me come up with it!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

10 Months - Zoey

Throughout this last month we have started to see so many little milestones with Zoey!
I figured compiling them into a video would be the best way to document! 
I really have struggled blogging or even writing down Zoey's monthly updates.
I was quite on top of things with the first kid.. Second.. 
Not so much. Hah

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cinderella Pizza & Movie Night

So as I have mentioned before Kindergarten didn't start out too great.
well it did.. and then it didn't.
It took 4 weeks to be exact.. I had a couple of e-mails from her teacher over the last month
letting me know she was sad in the mornings and asking
if there was anything she could do to help her.. so I just kind of filled her in on her personality
and let her know it's just a big adjustment for her being away from me this much and she went
through a similar phase in pre-school.. so anyways.
Wednesday.. Wednesday, was the day!
She was a brave little girl and got out of the car with no tears!
One of the teachers at her school that was on morning duty became
her little cheerleader rooting her on as she would walk up to the building
happy to see a non-crying little girl!
I seriously think he helped her so much!
and on Thursday he was holding up 2 fingers
(2 days in a row with no tears) cheering her on again!
I totally saw a different attitude and she was telling me
she was excited for school the next day
I'm pretty thankful for her school and the people who work there!!

So to celebrate.. because let's be honest she needed a little somethin' somethin'
We had talked about a family date night for Friday earlier in the week..
We never were able to make it to see Cinderella in the theaters
so we bought stuff to make pizzas and made it a plan!
After all, Friday's mean something now!

So Friday I ran a few errands and happened to come across a Cinderella like dress at Marshalls.
It was PERFECT.. so I made sure to add a couple of other touches to add to the excitement!
Ty went and picked Lexi up from school while I prepped the area,
he told her to go hang up her backpack when they got back home
and a new Cinderella like dress was hanging on the hooks.
She had no idea what to think and just started smiling.
We asked her if she was ready for our Cinderella date night,
and she rushed to put on the dress..
I was a little bit in heaven when she slipped it on because it fit perfectly
and she truly looked like a little princess and she was giddy once she stepped foot into that dress!

p.s. we are totally loving our theater room!!
I'm still going to do a room post for that soon!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

First Week of School

I didn't want to forget to document Lexi's first school week.
I picked her up Friday with a little balloon...
just a friendly reminder that school is cool ;)

The first week went from exciting and fun..
to not so fun and to the point where she started dreading going.
She was glad it was Friday!
She always seemed to be happy at pick-ups, just not for drop-offs.
Ty had asked her what her favorite part about school was and her response:
lunch, recess, and going home.
The first couple of weeks were a big adjustment for her!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Making Baby Food // Cucumbers

Now that I have a little more time on my hands,
I finally made a little film showing how I make our baby food!
I don't always do it, but when I have fresh veggies around then it makes things so easy!!
In this video we are using cocktail cucumbers.

Things I Use During Feeding Time:
Magic Bullet (I love ours - I use it whenever I want to puree things)
Nuby SoftFlex™ Infafeeder™ - (Kohls, Kmart, Ross)
or Nuby Garden Fresh Squeeze Feeder
Bumbo Seat: Target -- it's a MUST!!
Fisher Price EZ Feed Teethe n' Feed / Strawberry Teether & Tray : Babies R Us
OXO Sippy Cups : Amazon
Summer Infant Bibs: Amazon
Self Feeding First Step Spoon : Num Num on Amazon
IcyBite™ Fruit Teethers - Amazon or Amazon
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