Monday, October 9, 2017

Annual Halloween Family Dinner & Movie night

It's that time of year!!
It took me a whole week to finally sit down and go through all the photos but that's life!
I always seem to fill up my to-do list and so it takes me a while to get around to everything :)

We started out October with our annual halloween dinner & a movie!
We watched Alice Through the Looking Glass on Netlfix
and I made chicken tortilla soup with bat shaped tortillas just like last year!




Bats: Martha Stewart Collection at Michaels
Halloween Treats for Girls: Target Dollar Section
Pink Halloween Skull Cups: Dollar Tree
White Motion Light Up Ghost: Dollar Tree
Witch Mirror: Dollar Tree
Big Spiders: Dollar Tree
Skeleton: Target
Girls Skeleton PJS: Amazon

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Toddlers & Netflix

Zoey is absolutely loving Netflix these days!!
I for one am not opposing either!

Thankfully she has drawn major interest in more
educational shows and nursery rhyme type shows that I feel
totally fit her age and ones I totally recommend to all of you mommas!!

Little Baby Bum
Hi-5 House

cute little bow: Elle Bowtique

A couple of Sunday's ago we all cuddled on the couch and watched Pocahontas,
it's the perfect Fall Disney movie on Netflix so that's another one to add to your list!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Girls Weekend

Meet some of my favorite people from my college days!
It has been 9 years since we have all been in one place all 4 of us..
probably 12 years since we lived together!

Oh and did I mention one these girls is my sister?
Feelin lucky I have had her as a best friend throughout life,
aside from being just my sister!
That is the one and only time we ever shared a room.. and a bunk bed at that! haha
So many memories with these girls, we have been talking about meeting up for a girls trip for forever now and we are just now at the stage of life where no one is pregnant, breastfeeding, etc..
We managed to get our schedules aligned and we got it booked mid summer!
We decided to do the Dallas/Waco/Magnolia thing,
so nice for me because I didn't have to travel!
Plus experiencing Waco/Magnolia with girlfriends is always so much fun!!

They all arrived late Thursday night & we landed at our house to sleep!
Friday we woke up bright and early & headed to Waco -- which is a two hour drive south.
I made them little treats bags with a little basic itinerary for our trip!
I'm a planner and I like to figure things out as much as I can beforehand..


We spent most of Friday Morning & Early Afternoon in Waco!
We started off at the Magnolia Market At the Silos..
we were there on a Friday so we made sure to be there right when the doors opened.. there was already a line formed but it went quickly and we got right in! After we shopped we headed over to the Bakery.. This was the first time I had been into the bakery because usually there is a pretty good size line.. There is also a food truck that sells the cupcakes so you can still access them without the bakery line so thats what we have done in the past.. There was a small line so we waited! After cupcakes we headed to the back of the Silos where the seed shop is and browsed that area.. then we headed over to The Findery to shop some more and we unloaded our shopping bags in the car!
We had lunch right next door to The Findery at The Backyard.. after lunch we headed back to Magnolia, thanks to Wade Delk with Magnolia Realty (one of me and tysons good friends) we were able to go on a private tour to see some behind the scenes and had so much fun! 
PS. If you ever need a realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area he is so good at what he does and I would highly recommend him!!

Tips We Learned from our Tour Guide:

Wednesday is their slowest day
            - most people don't know that -totally LOVE that they do that though!
Don't be afraid of the lines, they go fast!


After Waco, we headed back to Fort Worth where we stopped and hit up some shops at SunDance... we had planned to eat dinner down there but we ended up wanting to get back to our Hotel
and just eat dinner in Dallas.. we kept it low key and just ate at Salatas..
ONE OF MY all time favorite go-to's!
Love their tomato basil soup & their salads and wraps!
After that we headed back to our airbnb & enjoyed our night checking out the roof top,
hanging out, & reminiscing!

We stayed at a cute little airbnb that I had found & I felt like it screamed girls trip!
Parallel Travel also has more amazing property rentals
if you are looking for a place to stay in other cities!
Our airbnb was decorated by Courtney Warren Home

Saturday we slept in, had brunch at Bread Winners Cafe, came back and hung out at the pool then got dressed and ready for dinner at The Rustic, & walked around the West Village area & grabbed dessert! I happened to come across Sablon Chocolate Lounge.. seriously sooo good!!
Saturday night was probably the most entertaining, we were all laughing so hard we were crying! Also if you get a chance grab some scotch tape & tape a friend or family members face, it was seriously priceless!

All in all we had the best weekend ever, love these girls, my bucket was definitely filled!!
Here's a recap -- not all of it was captured from saving my insta-stories but most of it!