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Monday, June 15, 2015

tornado warnings

About a month ago we got hit with about 2 months of straight rainy weather
and more than a couple tornado warnings.
Luckily everything seemed to skip over us
or go around our area so we never saw anything really bad..
But there were a couple of times we had them while
Ty was out of town so out of precaution we just hung out in my closet
while the red cells on the radar passed over.
Luckily Lexi just looked at it as,
getting to hang out in mom and dads closet and watch Netflix..
she even would ask to stay in after all the storms would pass
and she even asked to go in and hang out in the closet
when it was just a regular rain and thunder storm.

I still remember the days when I was little at the tornado sirens would go off..
Me, my mom, and my sister would be in our hall way reading the Little Miss books
there would be a crosscut saw that had a painting on it just hanging on the walls of our hallway..
we would talk about how that probably was not the safest thing to be hanging
in case a tornado but for some reason it always stayed hanging there ;)
My dad would either be watching the news on the tv or outside looking at the skies..
we would always be yelling for him to come in and be safe :)

I taught her the tricks with fruit roll-up tongue tattoos...
brought me back to my child hood.

but seriously there are some sweet memories that can happen during those tornado warning,
you realize what matters most and get to spend some quality time in a closet.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lexi's Last Day of Preschool & Graduation

 I better not forget to document Lexi's last day of Pre-School and her graduation night!
The last couple of months in pre-school I really noticed a jump in all of the things she was learning!
I probably shouldn't admit this but I am by no means a "teacher" so I didn't really work with her at home on anything.. but the things she was coming home and had learned were surprising me!
She loved pre-school and her friends.
They had the cutest little graduation for them..
cap and gown and all!

(this video was from her spring program a week or two before graduation)
this was my favorite..
"what do you want to be when you grow up? a cupcake maker - lexi at age 4"

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Netflix Favorites for the month of May

Lexi Picks
Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Signing Time
Lazy Town
The Boxtrolls

My Picks
50 First Dates
She's All That
Ace of Cakes
I'm not going to lie.. 
the tinkerbell is on my list too! :)

I'm kind of excited for some June movie releases so I'll keep you posted with next months list!! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

holy home improvements goin on

Well, somehow this week was the week that installers
could come do various things around the house
and it all landed on the same couple of days
so our house is a mad house right now!

We have the kitchen going on - painting our cabinets white!
(this was my Mother's Day gift)
this was probably one of the biggest things
I was looking for when we were house hunting..
but go figure Tyson wasn't settling on whether or not the house had white cabinet or not
typical ;) no but seriously good thing hes more logical!
ANND he kept his promise that we would just have to paint them after we moved in..
such a good husband! :)
Today, is Day 2..
they will be coming back later today to finish everything up and do the second coat.
so for now we are eating out and trying to stay free of the fumes!

We also had the builders come out yesterday and fix random things
they have been to our house about a million times
fixing random stuff..  we have a year so we are making sure we get on top
of all that needs fixed and they always seem
to have to "come back and finish up later"  - kind of annoying

We had another electrician come out yesterday
and put an outdoor outlet for the lights
and had them hang our magnolia farms light fixture
we bought a couple of months ago.
We were putting it in an awkward high space that we couldn't get to.

Now today, we have Nebraska Furniture Mart
here installing the media room!
We are super excited for it all!!

perfecting where the screen is going to go.. it's going a bit higher ;)

Friday, May 15, 2015

how to choose what's best for your home theater room

We are in the middle of doing our Theater Room and I have searched everywhere for some kind of guidance on what to look out for and it has been hard to find reliable sources! So I thought I would share the route we are taking and what all I looked into before settling on equipment! I especially didn't want to get sold on stuff we didn't need!

First you need to set out a plan of action and ask your self a couple of things:
What will the theater room be mainly used for? movies, tv channels/ball games, video games, etc.
What is the size of the wall that you will be mounting your screen on?
Wall Color and the vibe of the room are always on my mind too ;)

We ended up going into Nebraska Furniture Mart a couple of weekend ago "just to look" because my husband is kind of obsessed with the idea of this "man room" idea and his dream of having a theater room. Well let's just say we ended up walking out of their show room with an appointment to have a technician come out & look at our theater room to get measurements and go over what would work best for our room. You pay I think it was $90 for them to come give the quote and you can apply that to any order made at Nebraska Furniture Mart.. whether you end up getting the theater room setup or if you change your mind and would rather use it towards furniture, accents, or appliances.

So if you have a Nebraska Furniture Mart near you, they will totally take care of you and guide you in the direction what will work best for your own room, because not all rooms are the same!

If you aren't lucky enough to have a Nebraska Furniture Mart near you don't worry you have a couple of different options.. you could either order online and have a handy man come and install it for you or you could call your local home theater companies and have them come out and quote your space just like we did with Nebraska Furniture Mart! It's always best to go in informed so you don't chance getting "taken advantage of". It can be really overwhelming knowing what will be best so it is nice to rely on honest companies that won't take advantage!

Things you need to know when purchasing the projector for your home theater room:

Know the type of projectors.

There are two kinds.
1. DLP (Digital Light Processing)
The most affordable choice .
2. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Because of the advanced technology, the LCDs are more expensive than the DLPs.

Know the aspect ratios available in projectors.

The 16:9 is the choice for most movie enthusiasts because it can deliver a much higher quality image. Blu-ray and HDTV are both designed for a 16:9 system. Unfortunately, when watching an average TV program that is not HDTV, the image will appear small.

Decide which ratio to go with based on the type of videos or programs that will be watched.
The 16:9 ratio is most commonly found in projectors.

Know how brightness affects projectors.

Figure out what type of light is in your theater room. Ours has no windows and is almost completely dark when the doors are closed..

Lumens Range


Under 1,000 Lumens These projectors are the least expensive, but the low output of light means that they have to be in a dark room. These projectors are best on smaller screens.
1,000 to 2,000 Lumens This is a common lumen range and these projectors need to be in dimly lit rooms. This range can handle a small to average sized screen.
2,000 to 3,000 Lumens This range is more flexible with lighting and the projector can be placed in a room with some ambient lighting. This range can handle any size of screen.
Above 3,000 Lumens These projectors are the most expensive and are very bright. These should be in rooms with some lighting. If placed in dark rooms, the screen will be too bright to look at.

You should base your decision on the lighting of the existing room as well as the size of the screen.

A small screen with a 4:3 ratio is considered to be 43 x 57 inches and a large screen is 87 x 116 inches. A small screen with a 16:9 ratio is considered to be 45 x 80 inches and a large screen is 58 x 104 inches. The larger the screen, the more lumens are needed.

Know how resolution affects the Picture.

The higher the resolution is, the clearer and sharper the image will be.



1280 x 720 Projectors with this resolution will provide good DVD and Blu-ray video quality at an affordable price.
1280 x 768 These projectors work well with the 16:9 ratio videos and are particularly good with computer resolutions if projecting a computer system onto the screen.
1920 x 1080 This is the best resolution for high definition formats such as HDTV, Blu-ray, and gaming systems. They are more expensive but still affordable for a household.

Being a photographer I will always recommend the highest resolution. So I would definitely recommend going with 1920x1080 for any theater room.

sources I used when researching:
here & here

The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector is a good choice!

Projector Screens:
As far as the projector screens go, you need to measure and figure out what size will fit best in your room. The sales rep at Nebraska Furniture Mart mentioned a couple of different things we had not thought about. You don't want the screen to be so large that the seats in the back can't see the bottom of the screen. You want to make sure the screen is visible from the back of the room. For our room size we chose the 92" screen.

We ended up going with the:
Da-Lite Screen 92" UTB Contour-Acid Etched Frame (Black)The UTB Contour
It has an ultra thin bezel frame and low profile. Designed to look like a large flat panel, the UTB Contour can more than double the size of the largest flat panel televisions available.

Other Things to think about when you are looking into a Theater Room:
You are going to need audio this will include speakers, cables, and installation. We also chose to get a universal remote control. All of these cost will add up so be sure to figure out your budget and what all you want and need in your media room!

SO the technicians are coming out to install it next Tuesday so I'll be sure to keep you posted on the process with pictures! When all is said and done I'm going to do a room reveal... so look forward to some before & afters!! We have to figure out a paint color this weekend and the couches & light fixtures will have to slowly be added into the room over the next couple of months! We are getting excited for it all though!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

bloom where you are planted

We bought a piece of furniture for planters at a yard sale for fairly cheap...well my plan was to sand it down since there was a really light beige paint on the piece and I had plans to stain the wood the same color as our patio furniture.. well long story short.. it's impossible to get that paint sanded off. We tried everything and the paint was like soaked into the wood.. so basically with all the wasted money on stain, sand paper, paint stripper, and tools with all of that we basically should have just bought a brand new piece haha.. my husband has told me plenty of times now that we are done with these kinds of projects.. the fixer upper kind hah!

so I finally got it all painted white and tried to distress the sides to at least give it a more weathered look..  but I'm glad we are finally able to use it! Lexi seriously loves any kind of yard work Ty does and couldn't wait to plant them. You always know when she really likes something because she always throws in a "this is the best day ever". She also likes to tell me when she's having "the worst day ever" haha she is kind of dramatic but i love her :)

I also picked up these planter pots (the ceramic ones that match) at Hobby Lobby for dirt cheap in their clearance section, fyi if you wanna grab them!

oh and how cute are those little seed packets.. I was face timing my sister one day and they came in their kids meal and I thought that was the cutest idea for a kids meal prize.. so she sent me a couple of packets since we don't have a burgerville around here! The chocolate mint plant was a plant lexi gave me for Mother's Day!

p.s. lexi's wearing a buglet bracelet we got to review with Moms Best Network
it made the Hot Product list and I seriously can't wait to
see it in action during mosquito season this summer!!
Read more about buglet here

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