Sunday, November 12, 2017

Little Girls Winter Wardrobe!

It's that time!! 
The seasons are changing and it has me itching for a wardrobe change!! 

I have compiled some of our favorite pieces,
 a long with tons more I've been eyeing for the girls!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Hearth & Hand -My Top Picks

You Guys!!
It's Finally here!!
Hearth & Hand with Magnolia is now in Target and I have fallen in love!!

Here are my top picks I can't wait to bring into my own home!!

My Favorite 9 Pieces!!

 I mean gorgeous right?!?

And I love that all of these pieces will fit in nicely with my existing Christmas decor..
because Christmas might be happenening pretty soon in our house!! ha

Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Festivities & Costumes

A couple weeks back we threw a little Halloween Party with some friends!
I always loved Halloween as a child and the decorations always seemed so fun.. we don't go crazy on the totally morbid stuff but I love a little spookiness and kid friendly Halloween Vibe!

Our party landed on Friday the 13th..
out of availability dates..
but honestly I wish we could have done it a little later in the month because I ended up feeling rushed and I didn't quite nail down the girls costume as good as I would have liked..
Lexi went as a tooth fairy & zoey wore one of her dress-up dresses from the playroom.
Tyson and I went as Winnie Cooper & Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years!

(I'll post more on our other costumes.. down below)

AND of course every party needs Dollar Store Trophies..
 Photo Back Drop from Amazon & Target Dollar Section: BEWARE inflatables
 Gift Bags were from Michaels & I added some other treats and those little skeletons came on a garland from the Dollar Store and I gave them a little Spray Paint makeove

 We had Chili that night and all of our guest brought a different Halloween Dish to share!

After I realized there were about 4 more events Lexi would have to dress up for..I ended up caving and going with her original idea as a deer..
because her Tooth Fairy costume..
1. was too short
2. wings broke
3. it all looked kinda ghetto in the end

I had searched forever for a family theme costume and never could find anything I loved..
BUT, after realizing no one even could figure out who me & tyson were I decided to ditch our first round and go off of Lexi's chosen them.. which was to be a deer.

So, For our Trunk or Treat at church Tyson went as a hunter (kept it super simple),
I went as a Fox, Lexi a deer, and Zoey a racoon!!

A couple days prior when I decided to change outfits..
my first stop was Once Upon a Child to see what I could scrounge up..
I found both the girls fur vest and went from there!

The Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby pulled through for me for their tail
& ears and I picked up my tail and ears from the Halloween Store!

The only thing I couldn't find was ANY brown clothes for Lexi..
I mean surprising.. but not so surprising..
because I mean brown isn't the most flattering color on people.

So I decided to go more the burgundy route!
Old Navy had some things to choose from so that's what we ended up with!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Annual Halloween Family Dinner & Movie night

It's that time of year!!
It took me a whole week to finally sit down and go through all the photos but that's life!
I always seem to fill up my to-do list and so it takes me a while to get around to everything :)

We started out October with our annual halloween dinner & a movie!
We watched Alice Through the Looking Glass on Netlfix
and I made chicken tortilla soup with bat shaped tortillas just like last year!




Bats: Martha Stewart Collection at Michaels
Halloween Treats for Girls: Target Dollar Section
Pink Halloween Skull Cups: Dollar Tree
White Motion Light Up Ghost: Dollar Tree
Witch Mirror: Dollar Tree
Big Spiders: Dollar Tree
Skeleton: Target
Girls Skeleton PJS: Amazon

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Toddlers & Netflix

Zoey is absolutely loving Netflix these days!!
I for one am not opposing either!

Thankfully she has drawn major interest in more
educational shows and nursery rhyme type shows that I feel
totally fit her age and ones I totally recommend to all of you mommas!!

Little Baby Bum
Hi-5 House

cute little bow: Elle Bowtique

A couple of Sunday's ago we all cuddled on the couch and watched Pocahontas,
it's the perfect Fall Disney movie on Netflix so that's another one to add to your list!!