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Monday, July 6, 2015

mesa falls

We headed to Mesa Falls one night just us 4.
We got there a  couple hours before sunset and there were only a couple cars in the parking lot and only passed one family on the trail. It was basically us, nature, and the mosquitoes!
It was a fun little night just us 4 and we ended it at a little diner called Frostop.

and sometimes when you're carrying the baby,
the baby daddy gets to carry your purse/diaper bag : budu baby

baby wrap: sakura bloom

 I just laugh that I caught this on camera!
Lexi was trying to kick a mosquito off of  Ty's leg

then off to dinner at Frostop.. not amazing food but it worked for the night!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Zoey's 8 months

This little lady turns eight months old today!
We took these a couple of weeks ago in Idaho.. but they will count for 8 months ;)
She is crawling, sitting, and a squirmy worm while sitting on your lap!
We lowered the crib we we got back home from Idaho
and she is still waking up a couple times a night.. I haven't weened her off of night feeds yet
she still acts super hungry at each feed. She sleeps good other than that small complaint!
I've started baby proofing the house which I'm constantly finding things she still finds..
She has also added momma to her vocab as of the last couple of days!!
We just love her to pieces!

romper: old navy | Headband: Elle Bowtique

Tyson's 30th Birthday Party

(Tyson's face ages 0-30)

We rented out the Wakeside Lake Lodge to celebrate Ty's 30th!
It was seriously the perfect location to sneek away for 24 hours with friends..
so if your ever in Rexburg, Idaho and need a house to rent
with friends or family, you know where to go!
We played during the day at the lake and getting
sno-cones and then headed back for games & cake
and ended the night roasting marshmallows by the fire and watching the moon disappear :)
We have been loving Texas but we sure do miss all of our Idaho friends!
Happy 30th Ty!!

stocked the fridge with Tyson's essential needs..

these two are a couple days apart!

the boys were obsessed with spike ball

twinners in our sollybaby wraps..
zoey kinda has a thing for eating the grass when she is sitting there for too long

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