Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for your Girly Girls

Super Narwhal | Narhwal Plush | Uni the Unicorn | Unicorn Plush

Bunny Farts | Fairy Door | Cup Cake Princess
Color Bath Dropz
 | Glimmies Triple Pack / Glimmies Glimhouse | Sequin Slime Eggs

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Spring Home Favorites!

Spring is coming and I'm filling my home with shades of pinks and blues!
Love the subtle touch of color it adds to our space!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Old Navy Favorite Spring Picks

Spring is probably my favorite season to shop at Old Navy!

They usually kill it with the soft pastel colors & florals! We picked up a bunch of cute stuff for Zoey the other day so I thought I'd share!

One thing that was not on their site that was in store.. was this cute little blue gingham tank dress! Bring on that warm weather!! We've started seeing some trees bloom & green grass starting to peek through!! I am so ready for it!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Changing Lightbulbs can be Life Changing!

Ok, This is a long informative post so stick with me!!

Why LED Daylight Bulbs?!
First of all this is a total preference thing.. 
some people don't prefer the Daylight bulbs..

BUT, I am convinced they have CHANGED MY LIFE!

I for one want my grays to be GRAYS..
and my whites to be WHITE!
AND FOR THE RECORD: none of these photos have any edits on them! SOOC

So changing out all the lights in your house can be kind of expensive!
Especially since our recessed lighting takes BR40's..
•BR30 is the smaller size & is a lot cheaper.
About 6 months ago we swapped out all of our recessed lighting in our house 
to: Sylvania BR40 LED Daylight Bulbs from Lowes @ $12.58 a bulb.

I did a lot of trial and error testing.. at home & at the store.
I don't like to settle on things.. especially expensive things! 
so I wanted the color it was casting just right!
The color your bulb cast is ultimately a personal choice! 
So if Daylight isn't your thing.. 
the next step down would be bright white, then soft white.. 
which is getting back to those warmer bulbs.

{I did however keep my pendant lights & my stovetop light} 
{with the regular warm bulbs}
{BECAUSE, there are still moments in the morning 
{when I don't want the whole house lit up}
{HOWEVER, these Sylvania Bulbs ARE DIMMABLE.. }
{We have yet to swap over our light switches for dimmable though}
{That will be a post for another day!}

I also tried different LED Daylight Brands in the store..  
Sylvania brand was the best looking,
It was not casting those blue tones that Daylight is "known" for.. 
It was just casting true PERFECT whites, which is what I wanted!!
After the new bulbs were all installed,
I was literally walking around our house giddy days after..
REALIZING how good our house looked with the lights on!
It was one of those lightbulb moments for sure ;)
And to think... we lived with those nasty colored light bulbs for 3 years! !
in this video - I was using BR30's before I realized it was not 
the right size for our recessed cans which is why their is a price difference.

SO we swapped out all of our Recessed Lights to LED Daylight..... √
BUT now I needed to find new bulbs for the rest of the house!

This search has been ongoing..  
like 6 months ongoing
BUT, I finally found the perfect ones for our
Kitching Dining Room nook which needed candelabra lights.. 

So here was my dilemma.. These need to look pretty..
LED candelabra are known to have half plastic going up the bulb
 but I needed it to look as close to a regular bulb as possible. 
THANKFULLY LED light bulbs are taking the shelves by storms 
so over the last 6 months there is now way more options out there than ever! 
I had ordered 2 different kinds on Amazon.. both failed..
one was wayyyy too bright & the other was casting 
more of a green color on the walls than I wanted.
so they were both returned..
THEN I found the PERFECT Candelabra Bulb at Walmart of all places!!
 Wal-Mart carries 120, 200, 230 lumens 
I bought In Store -the 230 lumens
I only tried the 230 lumens and loved them

Found a link for the 200 lumens online:

No weird blue casting at all!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Valentine Round Up

Hearts & Touches of Pink!
I just love this time of year so I rounded up some cute little faves for little girls!

(Click on image to go to source)

Friday, January 12, 2018



Introducing 5 Quick and Easy ways to revamp your pantry to make your Food Storage actually look good while being totally functional!

1. Baskets
Everybody needs baskets in their life!! These Nora baskets are the quickest and easiest way to consolidate the clutter!

2. Add a Pop Of Color
I'm such a neutral lover, but finding ways to add pops of color is always such a nice touch! These cool blue hooks, this gorgeous geometric apron, along with this cute rug and you are on your way to the most stylish pantry!

3. Group Like Foods Together
Keep things functional and looking sharp  by organizing "sections" in your pantry, it will be a huge time saver when you are cooking and need to find things quickly! Items to keep in your pantry: This cute retro bread bin to store away your bread,  use this lazy susan to help you access all of those odd n' end items that are usually lost away in your pantry, try using these wire baskets to organize potatoes, apples, etc.

4. Take Inventory
Keep a Chalkboard in your pantry so you can keep inventory of items you are in need of! Also be sure to go through every 6 months and ditch items you haven't used in a while! January & June are perfect months for this!

5. Keep it Kid Friendly
Keep a basket on the lower level with easy to grab snacks for the little ones! Keep all the things you don't want your littles to get into higher up on the shelves! Chocolate Chips are notorious for finding their way scattered all over our floors so by finding things like this a home in a cute canister up high is always a plus! Also, be sure to store a dust pan and broom close by!