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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 1 of Disney World / Epcot

Our flight left Dallas around 2 and we got into Orlando around 5.
Shortly after we checked in at the gates and sent our luggage through we were told by the people at check in that we would not be able to take our stroller through because it weighed too much..
Seriously American Airlines?!
Who doesn't let parents with kids take their stroller through.
I was even willing to send off one of the seats but she weighed our City Select Stroller with just one seat and it was over the weight limit in their guidelines.. now I have flown for the past couple of years with this same exact stroller with just one seat and no one has ever stopped me nor even mentioned a weight limit.
LUCKILY this happened when we didn't have a layover and I had Tyson with me..
or I might have had a break down right there in the middle of the airport!
When we got into the airport we saw plenty of parents walking around with bigger strollers like ours but not with double seats.. so I think that might have been what made them stick their foot down?!
But I should mention that on our way home since we checked in at our hotel and had the luggage sent from the resort.. we had no problem taking our double stroller through on our way back home to Dallas.
 photo DSC_1712.png  photo DSC_1720.png
as tyson was packing up the car and we were getting in Lexi goes "be careful with my bag I packed breakable Jesus" haha we just laughed and my heart was pretty full I have to admit. It's her little figurine of Christ that Tyson got for her a while back.. it normally is on her night stand but what was even funnier is that she snuck in a couple more things and we discovered them at the airport!
Love this girl!
 photo DSC_1744.png  photo DSC_1757.png  photo DSC_1766.png and the "keep it real" behind the scenes...
kids are kind of chaotic. photo DSC_1778.png
After getting luggage and getting on buses we got to our hotel around 6-6:30.
We checked into our hotel (we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside) and then we headed off to Epcot to catch our first 8:25pm dinner reservation at Akershus to dine with princesses! When Tyson booked our Disney Trip he went through a Disney agent (which is a free service) and had the dining plan included with our trip. When he first booked the trip it was about a month away and there was hardly anything available.. not to mention we had no clue what to even book. They recommended 160 day out to make reservations but that wasn't an option for us.. luckily we kept looking at our disney app and we got majority of the places we were wanting. It's true what they say.. just keep checking back and be flexible with your times. We had a lot of late dinners.. and a cranky 1 year old.
We just sucked it up and tried to make the best of it!
 photo DSC_1931.jpg  photo DSC_1858.png  photo DSC_1850.png
By dining with the princesses we were able to eliminate a lot of the meet & greets to get a picture and autograph.. Since seeing princesses & Elsa & Anna were on the top of Lexi's list this is what we mainly focused on when we planned out our days!
 photo disneyprincesses.jpg
During dinner they had a princess parade through the restaurant
and Lexi was in heaven when Cinderella grabbed her hand to walk with her!
Talk about a good way to start out our Disney World trip!
 photo DSC_1825.jpg  photo DSC_1829.jpg  photo DSC_1830.jpg

After dinner we walked around Epcot (after park hours so it was almost empty)
so we could see all the different countries.  photo DSC_1862.png
 photo DSC_1886.png  photo DSC_1870.png  photo DSC_1875.png  photo DSC_1893.png  photo DSC_1885.png  photo DSC_1892.png  photo DSC_1895.png  photo DSC_1899.png  photo DSC_1902.png  photo DSC_1903.png  photo DSC_1906.png  photo DSC_1911.png  photo DSC_1913.png  photo DSC_1923.png  photo DSC_1925.png 
We heard Epcot was more of an adult park so we didn't venture back to this park during our stay.
Maybe next time!
 photo DSC_1937.png

Friday, November 20, 2015

Surprising Lexi with Disney World

Tyson came home from work one day and he walked into our bedroom
and sat down on the floor with us while I was fixing Lexi's hair..
He had this awkward grin on his face when I looked over
and I was like what are you doing?
He made the face again and I was like am I making that face or something?
haha so he slides over his phone and starts grinning again..
I discreetly take a look and realize he had just booked us a disney world trip
without any serious discussion between the two of us!
(Normally I'm the one who likes to organize and plan things like that)
so I was a little taken back at first because Zoey is at such a tricky age!
But after a couple of days getting used to the idea
I am just excited that he surprised us with it and that we get to go!
Even if Zoey will most likely test my patience the entire time..
it will be worth it! :)

We didn't want to tell Lexi right away
because that would have been a LONG month of
having the "when are we going" conversation!
So we waited until a week before and had a little movie night
and showed her this little clip! As always...
it didn't go as smoothly as we had anticipated
she was too excited for a new video she had never seen before
and she kept looking at zoey dancing to the music with the loudness
of the video and not to mention it was a pretty short and fast clip..
so we kind of had to re-tell her/ask her if she heard what it said hah!
BUT, she/we are super excited for Disney World!!

It was so fun looking back at all of our home videos.. I wasn't able to post near as many videos as I would have liked.. it became overwhelming because there was so much footage but goodness gracious Lexi has grown so much since 2013!! She was so little! (3 years old)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Netflix Picks for November

Lexi's Netflix Picks:
One that she and I were both excited to see pop up on Netflix  is:
Walt Disney's Animation Studio Short Films..
They have a Frozen one at the very end that she loves to watch!

Santa Paws is back..
yep.. she found it again this year and its been an obsession every year.
Christmas is on Netflix in full force!!
Care's still funny to me that she really like this one 
Beethoven's Christmas
Strawberry Shortcake
Masha and the Bear

Curious George
101 Dalmations

I was super excited to see they added new episodes for Young & Hungrythat's what I'll be picking back up on! :)

Most comfy Blanket: Saranoni

Monday, November 16, 2015

Why I have been so m.i.a. lately

there are about a million reasons that are stopping me from blogging lately,
and they all come back to photo issues...
it stresses me out to the max so I tried to avoid it as much as I can..
but in all reality it doesn't help by ignoring all the issues that come up..
it just results in less blogging and documenting all these moments :(

Here's the problems I've been having:
My camera or lenses have been having focusing issues since August.
I sent it into Nikon, got it back and I still have the issues..
so I'm now re-evaluating what I first thought it was
and trying to figure out if it's my lenses... or a re-occurring problem with my Nikon body
that will ultimately never be fixed.
who knows..  it's frustrating!!

and in the mean time I have since sent off one of my nicest lenses (24-70mm) to Nikon--
that was jammed almost two years ago that I never wanted to fork out the money to fix..
but after talking to the camera shop they recommended that being my first thing to fix.
That's like a 3 week process so in the mean time
I have no fix for anything in the picture taking department!
Just working with not so great camera equipment in the mean time.

My other issue..
blogger.. my photos no longer upload in great quality, they are distorted and blurred?
I've googled trying to fix it even going to my picassa account which I think is linked to blogger and I have not found an answer for why this is happening?! So in the mean time I have resorted back to uploading through photobucket.. which is way more time consuming.

Speaking of time consuming.. both my laptop & desktop
Memory/hard drives are full..
this results in me only being able to edit a couple images at a time..
then scrounging up things to delete or things to move over on a jump drive.
If you have ever tried to work on laptops or desktops with no hard drive space..
it is quite possibly the most frustrating and time consuming process.
The computer literally crawls and goes at the slowest pace ever!
so editing one image could take me anywhere from 5-15 min...

so that transitions into my external hard drive issue.
See, this is what I have done in the past.. when my computer or laptop gets full..
I start moving folder and files over to my external hard drive.
Well, three-four months or so ago my hard drive died on me.
It just keeps making this beeping sound at me when it is plugged in.
I have googled everything and haven't found anything to work..
Finally last week I googled and found the exact same hard drive
(which they have a newer version now so you can't buy it in the stores anymore)
so I ordered it hoping I would be able to switch out the bases
in hopes that, that is where the problem was..
but it arrived on Saturday and that is in deed not where the issue lies..
so I am still not able to access 7+ years of our life in pictures/files!
SERIOUSLY?! this is like a nightmare.

ok, so to make things worse...
since I am only able to transfer a couple images at a time
Zoey's birthday pictures were not transferred over..
I was only able to take off and edit a few of my favorites..
I was waiting on my external hard drive to arrive last Saturday
so I could swap things out and free up space on my hard drive.
SO to make things worse.. in the mean time.
the UNTHINKABLE happened...

My flippin sd card (with zoey's birthday pics)
was somehow inserted into my laptop by the wrong end..
Now I'm assuming I somehow managed to do this..
the only thing I can think of is that I was working on the computer late at night and swapping out sd cards in the slot and it was bedtime so the lights were off already..
and I somehow managed to not notice..
I can't remember if it was the next day I noticed or when..
 BUT, I go to plug it in correctly....
and noticed the other side was pretty hot -- the end that had been inserted on accident.
if you are still following and haven't completely gotten LOST yet..
guess what happens next?
BESIDES the fact that my computer will NOT recognize my sim card anymore..
the SD CARD is now literally smoking while it is inserted into my LAPTOP!

so for those of you who have ever had SD CARD issues..
most of the time you can still save your images even if the SD Card is damaged.
You have to take it into a camera shop because they usually are the only ones who have the software to recover files.. but with my ISSUE.. (where my SD literally starts smoking while inserted)
I'm pretty sure this means I'm screwed
and I won't be able to have access to the rest of the images from Zoey's party!!

ohhh it made/makes me so sick!
IF I have to look on a bright side though..
I was able to salvage some of my favorites from the night..
by no means all of them.. but a small portion..
so at least I have something.

so that's my life..
haha and a good reason for being away for far too long on this little space here!
(where is my tear face emojis?!?!)

On a brighter note.. I do have something fun to share
despite all the depressing news hah!
Ty was able to run errands with me one day while Lexi was in school..
which was such a treat by the way.. almost felt like we were on a date ha!
We picked up some Christmas gifts and snagged this game "Pie Face"
We had seen it in youtube forever ago (i think it was in another country)
anyways, they sell them in stores here now.. wal-mart had it
so we went and snagged it!
After Lexi got out of school her and Ty played
and it was in deed HILARIOUS!
I'd highly recommend it for the family! :)
this was Lexi's first go at the game... and it was priceless!
She was getting so mad that Ty kept getting safe.. but his turn eventually came too :)

 photo DSC_0357.jpg  photo DSC_0336.jpg  photo DSC_0337.jpg

Monday, November 9, 2015

Our Halloween & Unicorns

We had Trunk or Treat, Costumes at School on Friday, and Halloween Night..
and I'm pretty sure we put a different take each time with Lexi's costume!
I snagged these pictures before we headed to our Trunk or Treat.. we were in a rush..
like we always are these days!

For school they couldn't wear mask.. so I ended up making a horn and attached it to her headband she had on in this picture and let her wear one of her long purple tulle skirt with sandals..
obviously white furry house shoes and cuffs
were not going to survive for Halloween if I sent her to school in it!

Also Friday at school I got to help put together lunch for the Kinder teachers,
I was able to catch some of their first assmebly and then watch their costume parade in the hallways!
After that I had to run some errands to finish up me and Tysons costumes for Saturday (Halloween)

Saturday night our neighborhood was having a potluck and costume contest.
They had an adult contest and kid contest..
somehow Ty and Lexi managed to win in both categories..
I'm pretty sure Lexi's homemade unicorn horn out of her hair sealed the deal
because there were some really good costumes for the kids and there was about 30 kids or so!

Only video I remembered to capture from the night..
thats what I get for being in a hurry and leaving my cell phone at home!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall in Love with Tiny Prints

I had the opportunity to try out some products from Tiny Prints.
I printed one of our recent family pictures on a photo ornament and I cannot wait to hang it!

This year we are ditching our old "red and silver" Christmas theme
and going with a more White Christmas theme with a woodland vibe. 
I swapped out the original ribbon that came with the ornament with some twine and I love the look.
I've been grabbing things here and there for our new Christmas decor
and I am so glad I will have a Christmas stash ready to decorate with! 

It was super easy to set up an account, so I was thinking
it would be fun to print off an ornament of past family photos
and keep the tradition going every year!

I am obsessed with Tiny Prints and their Holiday collection!

Where else can you purchase personalized:
I mean. Photo gift wrap?? Love that idea for presents under the tree!!
Also, really love our square Refrigerator Magnet!

“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tiny Prints through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select.
While I was compensated to write a post about Tiny Prints, all opinions are my own.”
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