Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Addressing her own Valentine's

This year was the first year I was able to hand over her class list
and let her address her valentine's all by herself!!

She had picked out her slime Valentine's at Target a month or so ago
when they were first putting out Valentine's in their Dollar-$5 section!
The trick for shopping holiday items,
is to snag them up as soon as you see them out
because all the good stuff goes quick and they don't usually put any more out!

While Zoey was playing in the playroom,
we snuck away into the guest bedroom so she wouldn't be getting into all of them!

Monday, February 6, 2017

100th Day of School

Happy 100th day of 1st Grade Lexi Lu!!

If you know me, I love a good theme!
So when the teacher said the theme was to dress up for their 100th day,
we were all game!!

We had tried on her outfit a couple of times and Lexi was pretty excited for it all..
especially the walker Ty was going to make!

so on sunday I had told her we would practice the makeup part..
we got the makeup down and her exact words were..
"i feel uncomfortable"
she quite possibly looked amazing at this point haha

Anyways after she got her makeup she wanted to try on her outfit..
after taking a couple of picture on my iphone I decided it was best
to take advantage of daylight and time and finish her outfit off  (her hair was all that was left)
and take some pictures on my camera!!

You will have to catch up on the second half of my story half way down this post..

So after us playing around with makeup, and taking funny pics on my phone i decided it would be smart to just finish her all off today (Sunday) and do her hair & take real pics with my camera- well by this time she was over the excitement--
but i pushed forward because i didn't want to try and do any in the morning...
by the time we got to these photos
ty comes in and says

"Lex dad's learned that if you just do it then you can be done" -Ty

"but Dad It never ends.." -Lexi

we were both dying.

i pushed my luck with her today hahah 
she got to be done after that comment :)

If you don't follow along on snapchat here was our trip shopping for the accessories!

Dollar Store for the Accessories
Kid to Kid Consignment for the Dress and Shoes
Ty made PVC walker from items at Lowes and breast cancer awareness tennis balls from Dicks! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine Goody Baskets for 2 Littles Under $15

So today I headed off to the Dollar Store
to pick up some things for Lexi's 100th day of school on Monday..
(they get to dress up like old folks!)
and I think having a theme is the funnest thing ever!

Anyways, I was literally shocked at all the goods
I scored in the Valentine section so I thought I'd share!!
I had to pick up some things at Party City next door..
so a couple of items are from there but I'll give you a run down on details below!
(how much and where I got the items)

So $15 for two little girls I feel like I did pretty good!

If you're on snapchat (lindseymarlor), you can get a little sneak
of my Dollar Store trip and the 100th day of school ideas!!

ok side note/question: I am over on snapchat doing all my 'stories'
but I have been debating doing the swap over to instagram?!
Where would you follow or like to watch the day to day life happenings?!
I can't decide... am I missing out by not being over on insta-stories??

Party City
Conversation Candy Hearts: .39
Puffy Stickers: .25
Red Lip Whistle: .25
Pink Change Purse: 2.00

x2 = $4.89

Dollar Tree

Pack of 2 Valentine's Bucket with Lids: 1.00
Pack of 2 Light Up Rings: 1.00
Pack of 4 Pop Up Balloon: 1.00
Pack of 4 Heart Sunglasses: 1.00
Pink Paper Shred/Stuffing: 1.00
Lip Talking Pens: 1.00
Heart Skittles: 1.00
Kissy Lip Pops: 1.00

to cover 2: $11

Total Valentine Goody Basket: 14.89

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


You guys!!
The most amazing thing happened last week!!
Our tv provider (Frontier Communication which used to be Verizon Fios)
Now plugs Netflix into our system automatically
-- so we don't have to use any extra roku, playstation, or apple tv necessary!!

You have no idea how excited I was when my husband told me it was popping up on our on demand!!
1. I HATE how many movies we have had to buy
2. I hate the unnecessary cords and extra boxes that showed when we would pull out our roku for the downstairs tv..
3. WE NOW CAN take full advantage of the Netflix movies in our Media Room!

My husband refused to buy an updated box to get more hdmi outlets so we were basically doing without netflix in the media room 95% of the time... which was quite annoying... so I mean we just added a ton more options for movie watching in that space!!

So thank you Frontier Communications for adding that little option!

Ok, so I'll recap what we have been watching over on Netflix!!

My list:

On our last road trip over New Years,
I was able to download movies to the ipad -- so I was able to watch without data!
How cool is that?!?
I did Leap Year & The Spirit of Christmas
I've been catching up on Fuller House!
The Fundamentals of Caring

What the girls have been watching:
Lexi is a little obsessed with the first 2.. so its pretty much on repeat
AFV Videos

Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine Gift's for the man in your life

Gathering ideas up for Valentine's Day!!
I made Ty sit down and give me some ideas on what are good gifts for the husband!
He doesn't believe it should be anything big.. so keeping things pretty simple around here
and sharing some ideas that can get you all started!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Snap to Frame with Nebraska Furniture Mart / Part 2

The day has come!!

I finally finished this space off so I can share with you,
my Snap to Frame project I have been working on

with Nebraska Furniture Mart!!

If you haven't checked out Part 1 of this project, do so here
SO let's get started...
I decided that my office space needed some extra TLC!!
so I got to work figuring out the style I was going for,
and made things come to life!

I started working on this space well over a year ago..
over the summer or last spring I can't even remember now..
but I painted the built-in desk that was previously black-- white and added hardware!

It has been a slow process getting it all together
especially since this space ties into the same area that leads into the playroom
but once I figured out the vibe/style/colors for my office,
it started to feel VERY MUCH how I wanted it to

and I couldn't be more excited to finish the space off

with my new Snap to Frame prints!

So here's a sneak into my office space and a little video
to show you just how easy it is to add wall displays to your own home!!

You can download the snap to frame app:
Apple here or Android here
or visit the in store kiosk at Nebraska Furniture Mart
at The Colony, TX location!

Hope you guys try it out and love it!
You can use promo code:
25NFMPT1 For 25% off Current Price
(Coupon Expires, February 10, 2017)

To see Part 1 & the video tutorial of Snap to Frame visit this post here