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Friday, April 18, 2014

Dressing for Spring

I was lucky enough to review the cutest clothing shop Boden,
the moment you jump on their site you are instantly hit with the feel of Spring.
They are a colorful brand and they honestly make closets fun again.

I chose this sunshine yellow 'lovely linen dress' and it helps me
add a splash of color to the "sea of blah" our Texas weather has been in.
Texas can't decide if it want's to be 80's & sunny or 60's and cloudy.

I'm totally ready for the 80 degrees and I'm looking forward
to wearing more of these bright spring colors!

This British clothing brand aims for their clothing to make you feel
like your best self and serve as a splash of happy in your life.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Boden through their partnership with POPSUGAR.
While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Boden, all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the last couple of weeks

You know its bad when your parents are getting onto you about not blogging...
I guess I just feel like I never get my camera out and I don't have tons of pictures to share but I figured I could atleast not desert this little space and give an update :)

A couple of weeks ago Tyson's grandparents came to visit! We decided to check out a Wildlife Ranch a friend has recommended called Sharkarosa.  It was one of our nicer days weather wise so it was fun to get out! It's a more hands on type of petting zoo and Dirty Jobs actually filmed an episode there. Lexi wasn't too sure about getting up close and personal with the animals :)

Last Saturday our little city had an Eggstravaganza, we were planning on going a month ago but then when it came down to it the weather was suppose to be really cold that day so we decided not to go, we went out running errands and we just happened to be right by as it was about to start and lexi saw it all going on out the window so we decided to suck it up and just go! I didn't have my camera with me or even an easter basket.. iphone had to work and luckily they had little bags for the kids!  It was cold and it ended up raining a little at the very end of the hunt so we headed out right after we collected our eggs :)

Last week I found out that Disney on Ice was here in Dallas, so we got tickets and made a family outing out of it! We headed downtown early and had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then headed to the show. Me and Tyson both seem to love seeing Lex light up with excitement and Disney on Ice did just that, she was in heaven with all of the princesses!


Monday, March 24, 2014

sharing the most special day of my life with my daughter

When I was home last my dad for some reason wanted me to take my
wedding dress back with me, now that I finally had a way of taking it without paying shipping..
Then my friend Bailey reminded me that I should take pictures of Lexi in it
like the ones on Pinterest
The idea is..
You photograph your daughter in your own wedding dress when they are a little girl
and then when her big day hopefully comes
you can then give the pictures to her on her own wedding day as a gift
or display it at the reception.
Anyway you wanna do it.. it is the sweetest idea I had ever seen!
So I was so thankful when my friend reminded me about it during
when my dad was trying to convince me to take it home with me!

I also kept my tiara and earrings so I incorporated those too :)

 photo LexiWeddingDress14bw.jpg

 photo LexiWeddingDress13bw.jpg 

 photo LexiWeddingDress7bw.jpg
 photo LexiWeddingDress12bw.jpg
(I had her stand on a stool under the dress)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY Cardboard Playhouse

I pinned this idea a long time ago from A Beautiful Mess but I came across it recently
and it was just too fun to pass up when I realized we had the perfect boxes for it from moving!

What You Need:
Cardboard Box & Scraps
100 Pack of Hot Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Masking Tape
Exacto Knife
Wrapping Paper, it will depend how many rolls you need
depending on how much space you need to cover.
Door Knob

1. Find a Large Cardboard Box & a couple of other boxes for roof & scraps for shingles.
Luckily we had a perfect tall one from when we moved. Which inspired this little project!
(It looks like it was a refrigerator box or something, so maybe check with stores to see if they have extras)

2. Cut Out Windows & Door!
Have your child stand up against the box and figure out where you want to cut out the door and windows. I wanted Lexi's head to be around where the windows would be. Use an exacto knife to cut out the holes... my measurements weren't perfect, but thats ok! 

3. Get your hot glue gun & sticks ready and start wall papering the outside!
I used wrapping paper from World Market because they had some fun designs... the downside was that they were small rolls so I needed about 8 rolls to cover the house. I used a lot of glue sticks for this so make sure to grab a 100 pack and the glue seemed to stick really well to my paper and cardboard. I chose to do the door in a different pattern to give it some contrast! This is also the step to add on your door knob. I grabbed mine from World Market for about $1.99. Hobby Lobby also has a huge selection for hardware or you can even check out Target, Lowes, or WalMart.

4. Now it's time for the roof!
This one was tricky for me because the site I was using for reference didn't mention how they made the roof stand up. So I used the hard cardboard rolls from the wrapping paper and cut it down to the size I thought looked appropriate for height with an exacto knife.  I then used the masking tape to tape the rolls down to the top of the box to help hold up the roofs highest point. I then put the extra cardboard and laid it on top - I used a piece of cardboard that was probably used for a corner.. because it had a good flexible bend to it. I just laid that on top and had to trim a bit off the sides and then went underneath the roof and used the masking tape to make sure everything was taped together (sides, top, & bottom) After the foundation of the roof is done then I used the scraps and cut shingles. I had 6 rows of 8 shingles the same exact size and it did not fill to the top so then I had to cut another row of smaller shingles to finish off the top. This will totally be different for you because our roof & shingle size may be different. I just played it by ear.

Lexi literally could not wait for her house to be finished!
She kept climbing in and out of it as i was working on it and it's so fun to see
her life size cardboard doll house finally finished!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

eye lash extensions in a mascara bottle

I am beyond excited to share this beauty secret of mine with you today!
It is honestly a game changer in the beauty department!

I have been patiently waiting for this post to go live
for the (3D Fiber Lashes) mascara to be back in stock.

They will be receiving 25k by the end of this week,
so you be sure if you want this product
pre-order it now
because they are sending it out to first come first serve.
They recently just improved this mascara to give even better results,
so all future purchases will get the revamped version of this fiber lash mascara.

{i don't want to sound like a sales lady-- that's not my thing.. but i really loved this mascara}

If you have never had eye lash extensions..
then you probably don't know just how pretty they make a girl feel!

Every time I got them I was reminded how much I missed having them!
Since eye lash extensions only last a couple of weeks until you have to get them filled again..
I only got them for special occasions.. and it didn't hurt that I had two friends who did them
& more than likely put them on for me at a cheaper cost.
They get kind spendy if you want to keep up with them,
so I finally called it quits after our trip to Hawaii.

lucky for me, my friend introduced me to this mascara a month later..
it is basically the most amazing thing that I have come across in a long time.
It is basically like having eye lash extensions in a mascara bottle!
pure brilliance.

Just to show you that I really need this mascara in my life,
I did a video tutorial for all of you!
Trust me if you ever want to get really self conscious about yourself..
try photographing your lashes & do a tutorial like this..
you get all sorts of unattractive angles and details about yourself you never want to see!

Don't Forget,
They will be receiving 25k by the end of this week,
so be sure if you want this product
pre-order it now
because they are sending it to first come first serve.
They recently just improved this mascara to give even better results,
so all future purchases will be getting the revamped version of this fiber lash mascara.
{i don't want to sound like a sales lady-- that's not my thing.. but i really loved this mascara}


just so you know, my sister is my harshest critic..
I go for her for her brutally honest opinions almost always..
even if the truth hurts sometimes, I still always find myself needing her opinion.

our convo is below, and I'm pretty sure she approves :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

game changer for tea parties

bohemian tee: Zara
We have discovered a game changer in tea parties..

my husband bought Lexi this kinetic sand almost a year ago
it's sand that doesn't leave a mess.. well sort of
it's a manageable mess
and we have recently discovered
it is literally perfect for pretending to cook
cupcakes, cakes, and
whatever else a three year old
wants to imagine!

think back in the day,
back to mudpies at the end of your drive way
it's like that...
only you can use this in the house with a little play kitchen!
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