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Monday, July 21, 2014

Mermaid Birthday Party

The weekend after Lexi's birthday we had her mermaid party!
It was a gorgeous sunny day, and well into 100 degrees outside!
The kids were in and out of the house cooling off and she
had been looking forward to it all week!
We were lucky enough to have my parents and sister with her kids come in town!
After the party we all went to the pool, had dinner, and grabbed sno cones!
It's always funner having family in town to celebrate!
My one thing I forgot to do that day was get a picture of me & ty with Lexi!!
I'm kicking myself for it now!

My mom made all of these cute crabwiches for all of the kids!

Lexi's one birthday party wish was to have a Treasure Hunt!
It took me forever to figure out how to coordinate all of that out but with the help of my sister
and her creative drawing skills.. we finally figured one out!
So we had ourselves a treasure hunt for our little pirates & mermaids!

After the presents in the house we gave the kids the first clue
it had an "x" with where they were & showed them where to go next..
It led them to the front door, then from the front door clue it led them to the tree,
then to the mailbox, then to the side gate, then to the plank, then to the treasure chest!
(everything i read says to double there age for how many "clue destinations"
to make it fun and interesting for them without losing interest) I chose to do 6 clues.

walking the plank was another favorite of lexi's!

the final clue led to the treasure chest aka their party favors!

It's always so fun planning her birthday party each year!
She had so much fun and the treasure hunt was by far her favorite part!

Party Details:
Birthday Girl Outfit:
Tutu Tank / Ryleigh Rue
Bermuda Shorts / Target

Ombre Birthday Cake / JBabyCakes /
(North DFW area) ^ -she is seriously amazing at what she does!!!!
Tassel Tail & Garland / Carousel Lane
Plates / WalMart
Napkins / Party City
Mermaid & Fish / Hobby Lobby
Mini Mason Jars / Target
Cups / Target

Party Food:
Star Watermelon
Blueberry Candies
Jello Jars / Blue Fish Candy from Party City individual packs
Rock Candy / Party City
Bubblegum Balls / Target

Party Favors:
Treasure Boxes - Joannes
Individual Candies - Party City
Necklaces - 3 Pack at Dollar Tree

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the good, the bad, the ugly

Am I designating my time to the things that matter most?

It's ultimately up to me to raise our little ones to the best of my ability.
I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom and I don't ever want to take that for granted.

The past year (2013) I focused a lot on my blog, it grew and I loved it.
I loved creating what it has become.
It took a lot of my time and a lot of hard work and it will always be a passion of mine.
This past December I started feeling overwhelmed. It became beyond apparent that I was always trying to keep up. Keeping up with being a mom and wife, keeping up with an unclean house, keeping up with posting & emails, keeping up with creating fresh content for the blog,
keeping up with other bloggers.. and it all just kinda became exhausting.
I want to be me, I want to be good enough just the way I am. I want to run the way I want to.
I wanted to be content and not feel like I had to keep pumping out fresh content to keep readership or grow new readership (like so many articles I read said you need to do).
So many things I read says be consistent, your readers need to know what to expect from you..

As I look back I see down falls. I saw my patience run thinner with Lexi through times I was working on projects and I see times I missed out on simply hanging out with my family when I was busy working on some post.

My goals of posting 4-5x a week was a lot of work. Was it always worth the time? I'd like to say it was but I'm sure a portion of my time spent could have been used in better ways. I could have been the one entertaining my little girl instead of letting the t.v. do it and I often found myself wondering how on earth all of these other bloggers survive life and a full time dedication to this "job"/social pleasure.

Don't get me wrong. My blog has been life changing for me, its been my creative outlet and I LOVE doing it! But, I think it's been time for good balance. Each one of us bloggers have a specific purpose on "why we really blog" but I think so many times bloggers (me included) are getting caught up in this "social pleasure".

There has to be a fine line and it's something I have thought long and hard about over the past couple of months and I'm trying to achieve it. I have had this public blog for almost 4 years now. I have definitely had my fair share of times when I thought why in the heck am I putting so much time into this thing. I'm always routed back to because it makes me happy, if I had to pick a job in life...  this would be it, there is no other place I could release this type of creative outlet that my brain needs to release. But does it steadily bring in the income of a real full time job.. no. So I need to stop treating it like it's a full time job. I am trying to find a good balance for me and for my family which is why you don't see me pumping out 4-5 post a week anymore.

At the end of the day, I have decided to pick what is really important.
I still love sharing our life, our projects, and other fun stuff..
But, I guess what I am trying to say is.. 
I hope you will still follow along.. even at our new blog pace.
because the support of my readers means the world to me!
thanks again for hanging out with me in this space for as long as you have!!

dress: marshalls | sandals: gap (now at outlet)

Monday, July 14, 2014

barefeet & twirly dresses

My parents drove down for the weekend
& my sister flew in last Friday with her kids and get to hang out for the week!
I love having my family here visiting and I couldn't be more excited
they made it for Lexi's birthday party last Saturday!
I always have a million different ideas planned for the party
so lucky for me, they were a HUGE help on executing my concepts into real life!

We now officially have a four year old running around our house,
and we all survived one more birthday party! :)

On our drive home from getting sno cones one night we came across
the cutest little place that replicates a European style village.
they have gorgeous homes, quiet cobblestone streets,
and good spots for twirling in dresses and throwing rocks into the water.

Dress // Dream Catcher Baby | Headband // Ellebowtique
Tassle Garland Balloon // Carousel Lane

Thursday, July 10, 2014

happy 4th birthday little lexi

happy 4th birthday sweet girl!
It's hard to even still picture you as that baby in those pictures,
it seems like forever ago.. yet it seems crazy you are already 4 years old!
We love the spirit you bring into our family,
you are all girl and we're afraid to see how much more sass and attitude
you will bring in your teens :) You have the most thoughtful heart,
you have come out of your shell so much in the last year and
you continue to make our hearts melt on a daily basis.

we love you so much!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIY Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial Coffee Table DIY
Supplies Needed
Pre-Stain (Home Depot)
Walnut Stain (Home Depot)
Solid Aspen Panel / 3/4" x 24" x 48" "(Home Depot)
Smaller board - around 1x6 ? can't remember exact measurement (Home Depot)
^ cut squares from the smaller board into 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" squares - (they can cut board for you)
16" Raw Steel Hairpin Legs from (DIY Furniture Store)
Screws that fit with your legs (Home Depot)

I talked Ty into helping me make our own version of an industrial style coffee table.
I fell in love with tables like this one & this one
BUT.. I didn't want to fork over more money than I had to..
SO, I got brainstorming to figure out how I could afford a coffee table like I wanted.
I went shopping to Home Depot just to check out their options and found this Solid Aspen Panel
it already looked like it had boards of wood melded together 
which was the exact look and size I wanted!
I went home that day trying to convince Ty that getting rid of our 
other coffee table was totally worth it..  and a couple of weeks later, 
we made this baby!

After I found the Wood Panel I needed, 
I pre-stained it and then followed that with two coats of walnut stain 
I bought Special Walnut 224 and I just coated it until I got the color I wanted.
We got our hairpin legs in the mail and my husband decided 
we needed an extra board to go in between the legs and the table 
so the screws wouldn't come through the table top.

So he went to Home Depot and grabbed a 1x6 'ish board
--neither of us can remember the exact measurement sorry
He cut those into 4 - 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" squares and then screwed
the table top, wood squares, & legs together.

I seriously could not be happier with how well it all turned out!
We have been using our coffee table for about 3/4 months now 
and it has endured a lot! a 3 year old who constantly sits on it, 
random food and drink spills, and it still looks in dang good condition! 
I still contemplate about giving it another coat of stain..
but for now it's sitting pretty just like this in our living room!

The table cost no more than $175'ish to make!
The table legs were the most expensive part ($123)
BUT also the most crucial!
After all, the legs make it a statement piece!  

If you aren't up for the coffee table diy challenge, 
DIY Furniture has just created a new website where you can design your own Tables!

Couch, Plant, & Rug: Ikea | Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow: Amazon 
Metallic Speckle Pillow: Pottery Barn Outlet | Books: West Elm (year ago)

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July weekend

We most definitely enjoyed our long holiday weekend!
It's nice when you think the next day is Sunday
and then you realize it's not even Saturday yet!

Friday morning we woke up bright and early to go to our wards 4th of July Celebration
they had breakfast, bike parade, and face painting and it felt weird to be home around 10 am.
We are so not morning people so we are normally still in pjs at this time.
We grilled out for lunch and then headed to Fort Worth
to spend the rest of our 4th of July with friends.

Saturday we headed to the pool and did some shopping with dinner at CPK's
Sunday was spent at church, followed with naps (for me & ty) while lex entertained herself
bringing every toy downstairs keeping her plenty busy.
lucky for us this meant she went down at 8:30...
which NEVER happens not even on no nap days
naps are pretty seldom anyways now days.
Once the sun went down and it cooled off we went for a family walk
around the neighborhood and just enjoyed each others company.
 and i loved every bit of this weekend

i phone pics mixed in

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