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Thursday, March 26, 2015

spontaneous fingerpainter

I went to put zoey down for her morning nap and come out to this..

but at what point do you get mad at her for finger painting??
she was doing it in the kitchen and not making too big of a mess..
so despite the fact that she did not ask for permission
(which I have to tell her all the time we will paint "later" more times than I can count daily)
I can't help but just soak up her little creative love for paint!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

house to home // wall paint

house project number one is underway!!
my husband surprised me with an early anniversary present!
he for real knows the way to my heart!
I was wanting to go all white up and down stairs - not including bedrooms..
but my husband talked me into doing gray down and white up

ok so the wall color is most accurate to the above lighting- -
it's like an ivory yellow... not my thing. at all.

here is our entry way and while I realize this is
the worst possible lighting and the fact that no outdoor lighting
is flooding in like it normally does throughout the day..
this is the part that totally grosses me out. (insert ick emoji face)
 I just snapped these with my phone this morning to get some before pics
and I couldn't even tweek color balance to get it to show any other way..
so no it is not this yellow.. our baseboards are actually
true white which aren't even showing white in this pic..
but I'm a photographer so maybe this will
give all of you an idea just how important lighting and wall paint is to me
and give you a little idea of just how excited I am that
we are getting rid of this ivory paint!

upcoming projects.. (which will take who knows how long to get to) include:
white kitchen cabinets
built in bookshelf section where tv is
hardwood continued throughout kitchen & nook area

it's going to look pretty stinkin cute when all is said and done!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

lexi lu

Sometimes life can get a little crazy having to share my time with two little girls,
Lexi has done really well always accepting and loving Zoey..
but there are times where I know she acts out just for attention.
I'm finding myself finally getting back into the groove of this mom thing and finding a good balance. I am having more sweet moments again with Lexi, I felt like I got to a point where I was always scolding her for her sassiness. The words.. "just listen" were constantly coming out of my mouth.
She's dramatic and she has the sweetest heart and her thoughtfulness of others melts me.
I seriously love her imagination when I listen to her play or when I listen to her conversations in the back seat.. the girl can talk your ears off these days and it's funny when strangers even comment about it while we are out running errands :) She decided she wants to do cheer instead of soccer this spring and she is so excited for it to start next week!

bracelets and ring: wire2wire designs

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That one time you basically save a turtle's life..

Count on Me by Bruno Mars on Grooveshark

haha no but seriously a couple of days ago we were just driving home
(on a pretty busy main road) and I passed this turtle on the side of the road.
I had literally seen this little guy go from trying to crawl out in front of a vehicle going 50 mph
to immediately ducking into his shell as a car drove past him..
I couldn't believe what I just saw so of course I had to turn around
and see if I could help this little guy out!
It looks like he had wandered into the road and was trying to get to the other side.. but the problem was that there was a curb and no physical way that little guy could have climbed up without having to go through five lanes of traffic on a busy road...  he would have been turtle soup for sure!

So I flipped a u'ey and put on my hazards,  and set him in my trunk and headed home where I could figure out what to do with him. Lexi was beyond excited about a pet turtle coming home with us.. so we kept him in one of lexi's plastic pools in our garage with grass and water for a couple of days.. but tonight we decided it was time. so Tyson took Lexi and "ninja turtle" to our neighborhood pond tonight and set him free! She wasn't too happy with our decision to let him go though!

so on that note...

Netflix Pick of the month for the little ones:

A Turtle's Tale

All time favorite kids movie, love the story line, love the music,
it's just one of my favorites that she watches!

My current Netflix Fave:

Ok, I'm just going to give you one this month..
because it's that important that you start getting hooked!!
two words.
Kimmy. Shmidt.
you guys, you have to start watching Unbreakable!
it's a Netflix comedy series about a woman who is rescued
from a doomsday cult and starts life over again in New York City.
It's well worth watching in my opinion..
I'm only to episode 6 so you should catch up so we can chat about it!

Monday, March 16, 2015

me & my girls + little girl shops you need to know about!


I'm kind of in love with our matching bracelets from Poppy Lane & Co !
They have a ton of colors so you can start stacking,
also they are also giving Pillow Thought readers a coupon code:
just use POPPYANDPILLOW for 20% off!

ALSO, Lexi's sweet lace dress with rhinestone necklace is from
Princess Rose Bud
Make sure you check out their shop
especially, if you are in the market for a sweet Easter dress!
I'm kind of in love with the peach lace!

and as always Zoey's headband is from Elle Bowtique
and Lexi's bow clip is from H&M or Forever 21 I can't remember

Friday, March 13, 2015

happy weekend!

just some of my most recent favorite shots of our little zoey zoe
hope you all have a good weekend!!

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