Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Film {David Beckham}

Ellen cracks me up, and im quite impressed with Beckham holding his composure!

Have a FUNNNNN weekend!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday's Tip {Office Closet - Before & After}

Remember my working with small places post?

Ok, so when our office turned into our nursery.. everything got stashed into our 3rd bedroom. I finally decided to post the end results.. It has been done for quite some time now but I have been lazy about taking pics and getting it all posted. So I didn't want to spend hardly any money on doing this little project so I just used what I had from the previous room.



 I did buy the three tin buckets, but they were worth it for organizing purposes!
oh and the stiletto tape dispenser, b/c i couldn't pass it up.

This room has never been painted and it's theme has been the BLACK & WHITE room.. I knew it would be out of the question to even ask Ty to paint the walls inside the closet since it wouldn't look good to potential buyers in the future.. so I decided to use the old curtains from the previous office room..

I just used some tacs to pin up the 1st panel for the back wall & with the 2nd panel I cut it straight down the middle & used Alleene's Stop Fraying like I did in this post  so i made it the backdrop on the back wall & did side curtains.. The side curtains were super nice b/c it let me hide all of the excess crap in the boxes :)


 oh & when I put the curtains in the closet I made sure the cut side was facing the wall and not the inside.

If you want to try this and curious how much fabric you will need for the back wall.. 2 yards would have worked for my back wall piece.. it didn't reach completely side to side so you will still need side curtains. But you could at least switch it up and create your own fabric design/color combo!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday's Fun Find {My Car Phone}

so like a month ago i pinned this on pinterest.... then my "nonblood aunt" Cathy told me she saw them at Stein Mart in Memphis.... soooo i made a call to my sweet little mother and asked her if she would look for it for me.. and sure enough she shipped it to me within that week! It is most likely my favorite fun find! 
I use it 90% of the time in the car.

1. My cell phone seems to be ALWAYS dead or dying so it's quite impossible to talk on my cell phone when it is charging. 
2. It is much more comfortable resting your head on the phone rather than the cell phone.. it has a quick little button on the inside of the phone that you can just click to answer and hang up phone calls.

well today I was running a lot of errands and happened to be on the phone majority of the time... and I got quite the reactions from the guy in the McDonalds drive through and the lady at the receptionist desk. 
My sister still makes fun of me for using it, but i have come to LOVE it!

ok so i might be a little crazy

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Look {Eye Candy for the Wrist}

I gathered some pretty stinkin cute wrist eye candy for yall today! 
I have my yearly girly apt today & I am soooo not ready to feel violated! guys have it so easy sometimes!! wish me luck










Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mondays Recap {Crab Boil End of Summer Party}

We had a crab boil with our friends this weekend and it tasted amazinggg! Plus, it was super fun to get everyone together! It all started because Edgar Hansen off of Deadliest Catch was at a grocery store near by selling crab & Ty had to "plan" a group date for a class.. so an "end of summer party" seemed like the perfect thing to have. plus, the weather ended up being so nice this past weekend!  If you haven't ever done a crab boil... you should definitely put it on your list!! Everyone needs to indulge in this experience!!

 {i'm not holding lexi.. she is behind Charlotte (the one i'm holding)}
Ty did majority of all of this, didn't he do a good job? There was only little touches added by me
We all split up the food assignments.. 

Snow Crab
Corn on the cob
this is Edgar Hansen.. totally didn't recognize him all cleaned up
 this show is dvr'ed in our house, thanks to ty

ok, so i have a favor for all of you who wonders in on this blog, 
if you wouldn't mind "liking" my Pillow Thought on facebook.. i'd appreciate it :) 

Moral Support helps me tons for motivation to keeping this blog up and running!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday's Tip {Wall Art GIVEAWAY}

are you ready for a GIVEAWAY ?
I have just launched my etsy site for selling my photography print downloads

I have done this for a while now, 
where I have sent friends or family members e-mails with the prints they have requested and they then send them to the printers to get printed for wall art.
(Walgreens, Sams, Costco, etc.. are all pretty cheap with good quality -Costco & Sams is extremely cheap for large 1 hour printing)

I have now decided to launch an etsy site 
and sell downloads to try and make a little mullah off of my photography.

so since this is in my full control....
I am going to pick 5 winners and each winner will receive 3 PRINT downloads of their choosing.

I know this is still a bummer because you have to pay for them to get printed BUT..... 
i am going to introduce you to

You get 1 free 8x10 Canvas,  or a $50 credit towards another size!
you just pay shipping 
I have ordered my free 8x10 canvas from there and the charge for shipping was $14.95.. 
which is such a good deal for canvas!.. 
they also have other good prices for their other sizes so you will have to go and check it out! 

I have different sections to my shops so be sure to check it out!

OK, so HOW do you ENTER???

  1. LIKE Pillow Thought on facebook for moral support! :)
  2. Leave a comment below letting me know you want to enter! 
if you want to be extra sweet 
go browse through the shop and "pin" your favorites on pinterest 
to help me spread the word about my shop! 
(not required)

Whimsical Carnival
(could be cute for a little girls room or crafty room)

Vintage Milk Bottle
(could be great for a Kitchen)

Kitchen Wall Art

Customized Temple
(good for gifts, anniversary's, family rooms)
 Bannack Gold Town
(could be good for halloween- place these prints in some empty frames to place the mood) 


Chevron Customizeable
(customize to your colors) 

(customize to your colors)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{improvise} painting/fun find

 produce or make (something) from whatever is available
i'm loving this "new" word

ok, so yesterday I finally got around to painting Lexi's little cart that I had bought a month ago at Ikea.

 it was blue, which is not quite the color I wanted.
but it was cheap & lexi has been loving the whole process of putting objects into boxes of sorts
and pushing things around
so i knew it would be a winner.

well i was able to take off one set of wheels but the other two are stuck on there for good.

i somehow needed to spray paint the base with out getting it on the wheels and a picture flashed through my head that I had seen on pinterest.. 
(aluminum foil covering door knobs for painting purpose)

aluminum foil

it covered exactly how i needed it to!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Look {Loose fitted knit tutorial}

I follow this blog,  cotton and curls..  where she recreates fashion!

I am pretty sure I am GOING TO TRY THIS 
b/c i am OBSESSED with this style of tees 
& i have had a hard time finding cute ones in this style when i have been out shopping! 

I'll hopefully have a show n' tell later on it!

Monday, September 19, 2011

{Monday mornin' thought} Fall

It is officially Fall here in Idaho.. I will soak it up i guess before winter comes!!
 I will also soak up this sweet little thing!